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  1. Hi @Cassie, Thanks for your reply. Scrolling working smoothly but problem when i click on dot nav. Also same problem in your another example: Please check my previous codepen demo also have same problem. NOTE: When i removed the top section (keep only horizontal section) it's working fine.
  2. Hey @Cassie, Thanks for your reply. But it's not only iframe or one browser issue. It's happened to all browser even non iframe page. It's working smoothly when i remove the top section (http://prntscr.com/245jv0a). But when i add any element before horizontal scroller section problem start again. I have some limitation to add any extra 3rd party plugin for smooth scroll. Can you carefully check this issue and give me a right solution for it?
  3. Another awesome addition 😍
  4. Hi @OSUblake, I am fetching another issue. When i add any extra section before horizontal section and click dot nav it's flickering some times in bottom area. Please check this example: https://codepen.io/bdthemes/pen/bGooabo Scroll to and reach at horizontal area then click 2nd or 3rd dot nav item.
  5. Hi @OSUblake, Thanks for your previous help. I am fetching another issue. When i using multiple horizontal scroll section and when i click the second scroller section dot nav it's scroll to first section. How i fix it? I mean how i works each dot nav for each section. Please look at this codepen example: https://codepen.io/bdthemes/pen/LYzjRmL
  6. Hi @OSUblake, Thanks for your reply but i already tried that but not worked. Can you make any working codepen example? you can fork any above codepen. After absolute the dot-nav value it's not showing anymore
  7. Hi @OSUblake, Thanks for your reply. But it's not working without fixed position. But i want dot navigation only for horizontal section not in the full viewport. Please check this link: https://codepen.io/bdthemes/pen/VwMPPpr when you scroll and go to bottom of the page dot navigation overlapping the bottom section when i want to keep the dot navigation only in horizontal area (http://prntscr.com/22zolmc). I hope you understand it.
  8. Hi @ZachSaucier, Thanks for your demo. I am facing another issue with dot nav. When i adding an another section on top or bottom how can i keep the dot nav in horizontal section. I don't want to keep it as a fixed bottom position. Please look at this demo: https://codepen.io/bdthemes/pen/VwMPPpr Expected as example position.