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  1. Well I tried both of your methods, I'll keep the both in mind for further tweens, but I think my phone simply can't be more fast. I have a really tiny change when I switch to bitmaps elements (but in my opinion and in my case, it's to much complexity for the poor gain of speed) but no change when switching to Blake's method. Thanks a lot, it was interesting things to dig
  2. Thanks for your answers, i'll try these solutions and let you know ! (Btw, i'm trying on an old xperia Z, that's how you try hard to get better performances )
  3. Hey guys, I'm animating a logo but i'm not really satisfied about the performances on mobile for the bubble animation (in my codepen, it's the "bubbleShot" function line 10, on the preview, you can click on the pipe to trigger it). I searched a lot on the web to find how I could increase a bit performances : I only used transform / scale / opacity animation and as I red, it should not be as difficult to render. Do I do something wrong ? Is it because of the "complex" svg ? Any clue to improve performances ? Thanks for your help !
  4. Exactly what i was looking for, thanks a lot !!!
  5. Hello, i'm trying to create animated wavy lines like there : http://www.thecapitol.pn/(in the brown losange on the right side). But i have no idea where to start, i can't figure out how to decompose this animation, i'm looking for the waving and the left to right construction effect (the line seems to draw continuously from the left), hope my english is understandable. Any clue ? Thanks a lot.
  6. Thanks for your very fast answer! In your firefox version you're right there is nothing you can see. I tried on win 7 - 8 - 8.1 - 10 with FF 35.0.1 and below on several machines. I see a thin line white then green on each edge of opening triangles : it starts on the center of the square just before the triangle is rotating.
  7. Hey! Thanks again for your amazing green socks. I just started to play with gsap a few weeks ago but i have some artefacts with one of my animation : http://codepen.io/anon/pen/XJeZPRon firefox (and with chrome but those one are acceptable) : when the squares opens up, i have some lines drawing on top of each triangle. I tried a lot of changes on my div "triangle" and switch those divs to svgs but the result is the same i still have these unexpected borders and lines. Any clue ? Thanks a lot! PS : if you want to see the animation in it context : http://www.curseur-et-bergamote.frand of course if an animation can be useful to someone, jusk ask me, it'll be a pleasure to speak about and help you (ohhhh yes, i know it's really easy and basic stuff, it won't help anyone but the power of gsap made me think that i'm a true badass ... )
  8. Wow... what kind of black wizzard are you?!? Thank you so much ! *running out for such simplicity *
  9. Hello, first of all thanks for your amazing technology ! I'm trying to insert a timeline in another in the aim of tweening multiples <div> in the way of the .staggerTo method. I would like that all these elements have a random / single parameter. The result i'm looking for could be this : http://codepen.io/anon/pen/OPbeQd i'm obtaining this by "cheating" with a 1 second delay for the triggering of the "tl2" timeline... I found the for loop method associated with .each but didn't understand how to have multiples tweens in the timeline ( in the exemple that I gave, the inner <div> of the square are appearing randomly but, what if I want to have another tween in this timeline after this effect ? Do I have to wait for the end of the first loop to set a new timeline with a new loop that i'll trigger then ? Is there a simple way like the "staggerTo" to have this result : http://codepen.io/anon/pen/ogYKjPwith the random effect obtained by the for .each ? Thanks a lot for your time and answer ! PS : sorry about my poor english and the possible "newbieness" of my question, i'm stuck here for a while and i'm just loosing my mind