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  1. Hi Carl, Thanks for the help. Ah ok, I did try adding the 'set' in different positions/times, and thought I could use the same timeline instance to do the override, but see you can't. As a way of greater explanation, the timeline calls a number of external existing functions (which was already written before I got my hands on GSAP) that can control a website in 3D space, view all the pages in summary etc. I'm using the timeline to provide a tour of the shortcuts and other functionality and have provided some textural animations. I don't mind the jump, otherwise I'll have to
  2. Wait, sorry I meant didn't have a choice but set it to auto, I left the last bit out And yes completely agree. That's why I said in most cases the bug(s) wont be encountered, and have used those work-arounds too!
  3. Putting aside the developer desires (which I appreciate a lot that you are canvasing our opinions), on a purely commercial basis I think you don't have a choice but set force3d as default. Maybe to the few here that really delve down the rabbit hole of coding, will understand the difference, but if a larger less informed group only see simple unqualified results, that one is faster than another, then that hurts. As I think previous posters have mentioned, chrome sometimes plays funny tricks with 3d transform when added programmatically, that break the static setup. e.g if I recall, chr
  4. Dear GSAP and fellow GSAP users. Although I found a workaround, as I expand my usage of your api, I thought it might be useful for me, and maybe others, to create a discussion based on what I encountered I've added a codepen as this is good practice, but it's a completely stripped down version of what is actually happening, as it is not possible to include everything, and what I'm after, seems to me to be something fairly straight forward. Scenario I have a timeline (small snippet in codepen) that simply animates some text, but which includes calls (removed from codepen) to ext