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  1. Hello guys , My application is working fine when deployed to Android and the Flash Player Debugger, however LoaderMax isn't finding my assets when deploying to iOS. I am using flashdevelop and my assets are placed in my bin folder and are referenced as follows: _loader.append( new ImageLoader("images/background_clouds.jpg", { name:"background", estimatedBytes:77000, alpha:1, width:Global.stageWidth, height:Global.stageHeight, scaleMode:"stretch" } ) ); _loader.append( new ImageLoader("images/background_settings.jpg", { name:"background_settings", estimatedBytes:77000, alpha:1, width:G
  2. Also tried: <as3> buttonContent = LoaderMax.getContent("button"); buttonUpImage = buttonContent.rawContent; buttonUpImage.width = 200; buttonUpImage.scaleY = buttonUpImage.scaleX; buttonUpImage.x = buttonUpImage.width * 0.5; buttonUpImage.y = buttonUpImage.height * 0.5; buttonDownImage = buttonContent.rawContent; buttonDownImage.width = 150; buttonDownImage.scaleY = buttonDownImage.scaleX; buttonDownImage.x = buttonUpImage.width * 0.5; buttonDownImage.y = buttonUpImage.height * 0.5; </as3> This still changes both.
  3. Thanks for the help Carl, Although I did overcome this issue, I've come up against an issue with LoaderMax.getContent(). If I want two variables to use the same image I have loaded, how do I change the variable without affected the actual loaded content e.g: <as3> buttonUpImage = LoaderMax.getContent("button"); buttonUpImage.centerRegistration = true; buttonUpImage.width = 200; buttonUpImage.scaleY = buttonUpImage.scaleX; buttonDownImage = LoaderMax.getContent("button"); buttonDownImage.centerRegistration = true; buttonDownImage.width = 150; buttonDownImage.scal
  4. Just realised that I can just say LoaderMax.getContent from within any child of the parent sprite that my assets are loaded inside. Thanks anyway .
  5. Hello guys, This is my first time using LoaderMax to load assets as I usually use the Starling asset manager however I am working on a standard flash application now and have had good experiences with TweenMax and TweenLite so thank you for providing these awesome tools! I am trying to load multiple images (pngs + jpegs) using the ImageLoader. It is working fine but I am looking for a way to be able to not add the images to the screen as soon as they are loaded and make them accessible to child sprites that I can't specify in the container parameter (These sprites are different screen