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  1. Hi.. curious if there have been any updates/improvements on this behavior?


    I understand SVG is a better way to go, but for quick testing of ideas I'd like to try to keep things simple with just a CSS prop rather than creating/exporting SVG's etc.




  2. Hi there,


    I'm trying to create something like this: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/editor/?tip_bar=getStarted


    so when dragging a block next to another one on the canvas, the snap starts *before the elements touch.

    Basically, a negative threshold.


    This got me a good way there: http://greensock.com/forums/topic/9265-draggable-snapping-to-specific-points-with-sensitivity/

    looping through my elements, using hitTest to figure out which is being touched by the dragging element, and I added inset borders with box shadow and some custom logic to figure out which side to snap to....


    but I'm not sure how to move the hitTest detection outside the bounds of the receiving element.

    I tried a negative value but docs show 0% as the minimum value.


    Looking at the source code for the Draggable.hitTest function and not sure what it's doing to extend it. Any leads, existing codepens, or ideas come to mind?


    Any thoughts greatly appreciated,