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  1. Hi All, I have a fixed duration on a (base) timeline where i want to add tweens or timelines on the fly. After i do this the duration increased with the added timeline or tween. Is it possible to keep te base duration the same? Grtz Dennis
  2. Hi Carl and Diaco, Your suggestions fixed for a big part my problem. Tomorrow i will do some tests to check if this suits my needs! For now thanks a lot!! Dennis
  3. Aiaiaiaia;) Really stupid! i've posted the wrong code pen: Here is the right one: http://codepen.io/anon/pen/azvQBM sorry guys!! Grtz Dennis
  4. Hi Carl, Thanks a lot for your reaction. What I want to try, is to embed the Widget timeline in the Base timeline. After in insert the Widget timeline in the Base timeline, the Widget timeline doesn't loop anymore. You can slash out line #41 to see what the supposed behaviour should be. Thank you for helping me out! Grtz Dennis
  5. Dear GreenSock Hero's What I want to do is insert the "widget" timeline into the Base timeline. It doesn't work :S. The temporary loop animation stops instead of looping until the stop button is triggered. The case is that i want to mark the stop event. So i can scrub back in time and (re)play the exact animation. Is this possible? Thanks a lot! Grtz Dennis
  6. Hi Jonathan! Thank you! It helps me a lot! As I understand it, the needle is set at the position in front of the "labeled" timeline action? In my case at addPause(); The second param (false) in .play() prevents this function to execute. Right? Grtz Dennis
  7. HI, Diaco.AW, You made my day! Thanks for the fast solutions. Where is the tl.play("label2",false); false used for? Thank you very much Dennis
  8. Hi, Maybe I did smthng terribly wrong, but I think I found an issue in GSAP 1.14.2. play('label1') doesn't work correctly. If I use the GSAP version: beta 1.8.2 it does. Thank you! Grtz Dennis