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  1. Finally I got it. Thanks, both of you. I had to use inline SVG AND put the CSS transforms on the OUTERMOST parent (one level up from where they were). For anyone searching for an answer to this, here's another pen with the code that works: http://codepen.io/dreigenannt/pen/JojVvB
  2. I have a simple 3d rotation to begin a proof of concept. It's working everywhere except iOS8.1 Safari. Of course, the PEN i attached works in the browser.... but on the page itself, the star flashes and disappears. Pen: http://codepen.io/dreigenannt/pen/QwWOvP Page: http://staging-u01.fahlgrendigital.com/greensock/ The pen and page are using the same version of jQuery GSAP files are loaded from CDN, so they are the latest version I installed the webkit and z-index fixes that I read in other forum posts The code in the pen is identical to the code in the page, except for other commented-out stars in the page (The page did the same thing when all stars were activated; I disabled them to simplify the code for troubleshooting) I've tried rotating the wrapper container rather than the star container; it was no different The page is working in other iOS browsers, in desktop Safari, and in Android browsers Am I missing something completely obvious?