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  1. Hi Carl, Thx for your answer. The only difference I can see in your demo is that each case is a blitmask and is spinning itself independantly. In my app, items of a column have to spin together, so my masked area is bigger, 265 x 830p, if I reduce the masked area to 265 x 265, my fps is 60.
  2. Hi blitmaskers, Im developing a full hd dual screen air app that display a slot machine on one screen. My slot machine get 6 columns, each loading 6 (265p x 265p) pictures. I use a blitmask (265p x 830p) on each column to spin it. But once I create the 6 blitmasks I'm loosing 30fps. If I disable bitmap mode my fps stay at 60fps. But I have to let the spin work while doing something on the other screen in my same app. Do I have something wrong in my code ? Or do I reach perf limits ? Could I improve that ? Here is my code : /** * loadPhotos */ public function loadP
  3. Hi, My app has to be an AIR app. I solved the problem by replacing VideoLoader by FLVPlayback. But I reduced my app to the simplest app to test it in a fla. I don't have the time to do more tests with a standalone flash player but feel free to do it. Here is a zip file containing test project to reproduce the bug. The 4 flv videos are not inside (about 20Mo) but I can send to you via wetransfer. Best, laugre. test.zip
  4. A bit more information. In my app (AIR app) when I arrive on the 4 videos screen, I play them : public function startVideos() : void { trace("video1 time", m_loader1.videoTime); trace("video2 time", m_loader2.videoTime); trace("video3 time", m_loader3.videoTime); trace("video4 time", m_loader4.videoTime); m_loader1.gotoVideoTime(0, true); m_loader2.gotoVideoTime(0, true); m_loader3.gotoVideoTime(0, true); m_loader4.gotoVideoTime(0, true); } Then when I quit this screen I pause videos and goto 0s head position : public function stopVideos() : void { m_loader1.pauseVideo();
  5. Hi there and thx for support. Before creating a new topic I found this one http://greensock.com/forums/topic/6567-video-stop-between-loop/ but it's not exactly the same problem. I'm loading 4 different flvs (short time each between 1 and 2 minutes) using a LoaderMax that have to repeat indefinitly (until the user stop it of course). After a time videos stop repeating one after the other. They are well rewinded to 1st frame but seem to not be played again. If I wait a very long time (2h repeating) the 4 videos seem to become blocked on 1st frame. I first tried to declare repeat propert