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  1. Hi .. Diaco.aw & Jack .. Just a wee update on the problem I was having .. I still don’t know exactly what the root of the problem was but I have made some progress. The site was originally created in adobe edge 1.5 .. since updating to latest version and publishing from it it has brought the site back to life again in iOS Chrome .. I think the issue was with the edge preloader ( lots of negative comments about it online ) and how it was loading in 3rd party js .. it’s still not perfect needs a bit more tweaking .. but it’s working Just wanted to thank the two of you for your help .. ( even though it wasn’t a Greensock issue ) .. really appreciated !! Cheers Rory
  2. Hi Diaco.aw .. yeah think thats my best shot !! Can you suggest any way to debug iOS chrome .. would help if i knew what was going on !? Thanks Rory
  3. Cheers .. yep its on a couple of servers and use to work just fine on them .. I only picked up on the iOS Chrome issue a wee while ago .. it was all cool before this ?! Not sure where to go from here .. any Edge people out there and does anyone know what I can use to do some iOS Chrome debugging ?? Rory
  4. Hi Jack Server .. I Had a wee look in the cPanel of my site to check out the MIME Types .. in the System MINE Types it already has this listed: MIME Type - application/javascript Extensions - js Which I think is what the StackOverflow diagnosis is suggesting as a solution. Chrome's Dev Tools: message - Resource interpreted as Image but transferred with MIME type application/javascript: .. This seems to be something to do with yepnope .. I think edge uses this to load in external js .. but from what I’ve read so far this is an expected message and shouldn’t cause any issues ?! pretty sure i remember this message when I originally made the site and the site worked fine on iOS chrome back then. Sorry if this isn’t a Greensock problem .. I appreciate your time and the support you give is great !! Thanks Rory
  5. Hi Jack .. thank you for the support .. its much needed Think I’ve possibly confused things by saying .. “I’ve put it up on my server” .. it’s not a personal server .. if that is what your thinking ?! I get the same result testing the site where it is hosted which is different from my sites hosting .. sorry if I’m getting the wrong end of the stick ?! Cheers Rory
  6. Hi all .. this is not really something I can make a codepen example of .. But I could really do with a wee bit of help diagnosing whats up please !! The website was created in Adobe Edge Antimate and powered by Greensock .. It was my first attempt at a site away from Flash and had been working happily across platforms ( mobile and desktop ) for over a year and a half .. Now the site no longer works on iOS Chrome and possibly some other platforms that I don’t have access to. I really don’t know how to start diagnosing this .. here is what I’m seeing: - iOS Chrome - Loads the edge animate preloader - Preloader finishes - Site hangs on green screen which is where Greensock should kick in It appears to me that the edge side of things is ok .. but chrome isn’t liking Greensock for some reason .. I may be wrong ?! I have tested on: - mac versions of - Safari - Chrome - Firefox - Opera - iPhone - safari - ALL GOOD - iphone Chrome - ALL BAD I’ve put the site up on my server .. here’s a link: http://www.monkeygonetoheaven.co.uk/for_greensock/IOS-CHROME-PROBLEM/ Would really appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction on how to diagnose what up. Cheers Rory
  7. cheers Carl .. yeh think i can get my head round that !!
  8. hey Rodrigo and Carl "I've forked your pen" .. he he .. is it just me or does that sound slightly dodgy ?! Rodrigo thank you very much that should do the trick .. really appreciate your time and for forking my pen i'll have a good play around with it tomorrow .. cheers Carl .. thank you too .. the time you guys put into helping people is amazing !! i wasn't pointing out a problem just looking for help on how to go about adding to a timeline then dumping all of the added content. the pause thing is still confusing me .. to replicate it run the script .. then press restart nothing else. i assumed the timeline would restart from 0 and play to the pause but instead it plays through to the end ?! if you press restart again it plays from 0 to the pause ?!
  9. yo so i've been away wondering the wilds for a long long time .. wow you guys have been busy while i've been away .. well done on all the hard work !! i'm trying to get my head back into things and could do with a wee bit of help please .. i'm creating a timeline then adding content to it .. i want to restart the timeline dumping all the content added in the previous run. here's a codepen that i have been playing with that kinda simplifies what i'm doing !! so if you .. play the timeline .. add the red/blue/green anims .. restart the timeline and play it again .. it plays with the previously added anims. http://codepen.io/MGTH/pen/slAwC i'm new to codepen so hope it works .. any help would be really appreciated. .. One other question .. why if you run the script .. then click restart does it skip the pause a the beginning of the timeline ?? Rory
  10. Great stuff B2rana .. thank you for sharing .. was just about to give this a bash myself .. so you've saved me a load of work think i'll give combining it with Adobe Edge a go .. if i have any luck i'll post the results for others to play with !! cheers rory p.s same issue as Carl with chrome and safari .. works fine in firefox
  11. yo Carl .. Just back from wondering the wild .. no phone signal and no internet out there can't wait to check it out .. cheers for the heads up !! rory
  12. yo carl .. tried to pm you but can't ( think your mailbox is full ) .. so I pm'd Jack ( sorry Jack ) and asked if he could pass it on to ya !! cheers rory
  13. Morning all .. Carl .. you got it !! So do I have to define other properties ( i.e restart() .. reverse() .. resume() .. ) before they will work in my timeline ?? Sorry if thats something I should know already .. i'm new to this and just now it feels like its breaking my head !! Wondering if your gonna re-do your legendary Bullet-Proof series in js for us .. thats what i'm playing around with just now .. If i manage to knock together a rough template of it working I'll post it for people to mess with !! Cheers for all the support .. really appreciated !! .. oh yeah .. there was no errors in the js console and forget about the: tlMain.append.play('Main_Start'); line that just slipped through when I was editing it down.