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  1. rgfx

    Help with dropdown

    That's the pen on started from actually, I liked it cause it was simple. feels really nice. However I need to have .toggle start at 0. Making things more complex. Whats the point of having a drop-down if its going to start open anyway Hope you get what I mean, thanks
  2. rgfx

    Help with dropdown

    Trying to create dropdown that will be used to generate categories, so I have no control over how many links will be placed. Was trying to store the height of each section, then make height 0 as I would like to start the dropdown in collapsed state. As you can see am way off, as soon I set height to 0 the data changes. No sure how to store the values, and then use them after. I tried my best, however not good enough, once again I must call upon the assistance of my homies. Please take a look.
  3. Thanks for the help everyone, I wanted the boxes to fade in from different positions.
  4. I wanted to stagger in a none linear manner. Animate elements randomly. Messed around with a loop and random delays, but I think timeline wont loop until is done. Stagger and TweenMax didn't seem to work inside my loop using my variable, surely a lack of skill is involved. Wonder if its possible without animating each element individually. Thanks.
  5. Nice! been using the roughease one forever. http://greensock.com/rougheaseThis one is certainly an in improvement On chrome, you can't click products or examples on nav. The svg graphwrap is on top. Hopefully soon will have a way to create our own custom easing. Thanks guys.
  6. Hey guys long time no bother, happy new year. Congratulations on getting on the top of most hearted pens of 2014 http://codepen.io/2014/popular/ So I can't seem to skew my pseudo element, tried a bunch of formats ie skewY:10 Hopefully you can tell me what am doing wrong. Thanks.
  7. you dont, luckly for me not having 3d perspective is tolerable, till firefox fixes the bug.
  8. I used that fix a lot in past CSS animations, I did tons of testing previously, something must of happened with a recent FF update. Anyway disabling transform perspective gets rid of the those "jaggies" as well. For now just using browser detection. if (!!navigator.userAgent.match(/firefox/i)) { var transF = 0; }else{ transF = 200 }
  9. Yes, Rendering just as bad with your css only pen.
  10. On windows 7 with firefox am getting glitch at the end of my animation, can't seem to fix it. I get the same glitch on any element I rotate, using this effect a lot, so hoping for a solution . Wonder if its a firefox bug or my computer. Should I still publish it since it works on every other browser? Here is a video, tried uploading to youtube but the framerate is not high enough to see. http://rgfx.net/del/firefox-transform-render-issue.mp4
  11. Thanks Diaco, Carl mentioned its best scale to 1 previously, it certainly works better. I was hoping for another solution because as we discovered that bezier curves objects "pivot point or anchor" is at x:0 y:0 regardless of transform origin setting. So either I have to redo my bezier point with negative values or adjust my container with negative margins. Oh well, such is the web. Thanks guys.
  12. My bad, I turned off border radius. http://codepen.io/rgfx/pen/JooXVo all pixelized now. I also noticed its only messing up on chrome windows 7. Scaling to 1 is certainly the way to go. I can still see pixels buts its less evident.
  13. 1.8.4 http://codepen.io/rgfx/pen/emOVrw No pixelation. 1.14.2 http://codepen.io/rgfx/pen/JooXVo pixelation untill I turn off force3D. I assume 8.4 doesn't support force3d, thats why there isn't a issue. Can't figure our what going on, think its a border-radius issue. Thanks.
  14. I am no expert, but I find myself putting force3D, translatez(0); on just about every animation these days. Browser will use the gpu by default overtime, by then you could easily remove that from the code, id hope. Awesome that you would ask our input, GSAP is amazing, thanks.
  15. I would like the timeline to repeat:2 then show the replay button. Thinking nested timelines function the same a regular timelines, maybe somethings wrong with my code. Thanks for the help as always.
  16. The perspective is what made my realize the "fix". However wanted to clarify that I was referring to spin direction. If you notice it only moves in cw direction.
  17. Certainly not a big deal, I commented out the working version. Spent far too much time trying to figure out what was wrong since it was my first time messing with the plugin. Found its better to animate svg childs because of pixalization http://greensock.com/forums/topic/10874-chrome-38-scale-svg-pixalization/
  18. Thanks man, learned a lot looking for the answer, never found it, so simple.
  19. Let me know if I need to take my newbie js questions somewhere else. Ultimately its using GSAP effectively am after, and am just learning js as I go along. Trying to do some responsive js to change animation variables. Its seem like my console log fires yet my variable does not change. Sure its something super simple. Much appreciated.
  20. I tested on my labtop, iphone and android, and I don't see the tracers, so its me Own a decent graphics card(geforce gtx 760) and ips monitor with high refresh rate. Changing colors changes tracing look, sometimes removing it. disabled hardware acceleration didn't do anything, hard to say. Anyway, certainly a post for the manufacturer Thanks for letting me know.
  21. Yeah that tweens really nice, good to know. Thank you.
  22. Temp fix is going form scale -1 to full size. http://codepen.io/rgfx/pen/JojYqM
  23. Oh! I can't believe I didn't look at the html / css. Your solution works for me. I never thought about delay like that before. Game changer. Would like to have subtle elastic feel for future work. Anyway to get that done without a bunch of tween and expert timing. Still seeing those tracers aswell, even with backfaceVisibility:"hidden... Thanks.
  24. Anyway to solve this? thanks.
  25. So I was isolating some animation to ask a few questions on best practices. And for some reason my timeline stops at the first tween of ".h2d-c", if I replace with .box it works. No clue whats going on. I must be blind to something. So after this works my question were as follows: 1. I can't use Elastic or Back easing because of timing issues, I wanted to follow the background and have a softer bounce, is what I did the best way to get this done? 2. If I add force3D:true to a element do I have to continue to apply it on each independent tween of that element? 3. The h2 tags a