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  1. @Carl still need some help with the stagger timing. I am trying to calculate total length the previous stagger. Then subtract the length of the first tween inside the first stagger, so the second stagger starts when the first object ends its animation. I tried adding a negative to your label idea but it broke. What am trying to do is something like this. So the total of the first stagger is 1.8. then subtract 1 so the offset of the second stagger would be .8 Hope you get it.
  2. Thought my title explained what I wanted to do, and my code explain how I was trying to do it. Sorry for the inconvenience. Your method was what I needed, thanks.
  3. So I was thinking I could use recent(); to help me calculate stagger so I could easily create offset on the next stagger without doing any maths. My lack of knowledge of JS is getting me trouble once again. If you look at my pen you can see what am trying to do. I feel that the solution to this issue is really going up my GSAP game. Just not sure how I ask google this question. So here I go again.
  4. Oh, I get it, that works. Thanks for the help.
  5. When targeting a single class in Vanilla JS staggerTo doesn't seem to work correctly, when using a array of classes it works fine. Works fine if using jquery in commented out code. Please advise.
  6. Please post your project anyway I would like to see a good mobile implementation of scroll-magic...
  7. That works, was thinking about doing that, thought perhaps there was one function that did it all. Thanks.
  8. When working within a long timeline, I would like to temporary control where the animation starts for testing. It seems seek or play only works the first time around and not on repeat. Whats the best method to achieve this? Thank you.
  9. So for some reason it doesn't seem like my .set is working when I use stagger on repeat. Please advise.
  10. duration was what I was looking for thank you.
  11. Using console.log(tl.totalTime().toFixed(2)); Getting 0.00 time for some reason. Please advise.
  12. Hello, Getting a "tl.updateTo is not a function" on mouse over. Trying to make a bounce on the end of the reverse. Has to be something simple. Yes, I know I can make two separate timelines. updateTo is something I plan on using on more complex animation. Thanks.
  13. Right, so there is a performance difference between two timelines vs one?
  14. Is there an actually technical reason why something like this can't be added? Seems like a useful feature, maybe am the only one that sees the benefit.
  15. I find it easier sometimes to create two timelines rather then one for complex animations. I know I can make one timeline out of it, but my head is spinning as it is. Wondering if there is a performance hit of any sort using two timeline instead of one. I will have two object moving at once regardless. Thanks
  16. Hello, When dealing with complex looping animations I always use a linear ease. I find it rather cumbersome having to add a ease to each propriety. I know you can set it globally, but then my other timelines get messed up... Seems to be asked often, seems like a logical thing to be able to do. Maybe am looking in the wrong place.
  17. rgfx

    Resetting set

    Thanks Diaco, invalidate() was the key. Also thanks for the clever way to do toggle's.
  18. rgfx

    Resetting set

    Hey guys working on some responsive animation, not sure how to reset the stored values on media query change. Sure you know what I mean, if not just click the green box then decrease browser width. Thanks!
  19. I noticed a minor bug with this slider. As soon as you click, the timeline advances slightly then you can't return to 0 or the end.
  20. I say cycle, since alt is a html property.
  21. rgfx

    Animating Timescale

    @frux, Thanks for this, so little code too! No time to test today, but I'll let know on repo if I find something. Great work.
  22. rgfx

    Help with dropdown

    Thank you Carl, spent longer then you want to know trying to figure that out. Learning as I go might not be the best approach.