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  1. Thanks Carl! I have been reading these posts for some time, and as always, you are a wealth of info. Thanks for the tip about checking the velocity. I am already using the Seek() method several places to dissect that a tween is doing, for subsequent tweens and processing. I had not thought about using it here, to determine when to break a tween into two pieces (acceleration, then linear). This may work, and is a great idea! Also, I ran into the same thing with the Physics plugin, the terminal velocity. Would it be easy to just hack up the physics plugin to rate limit it? Thanks again! --Kestal
  2. Hi, For the purpose of distilling this problem to its principal components, let's say I have 2 object that are side by side, say at y=100 pixels. I want both of those to fall down the screen, but to different destination y locations. I want them both to accelerate (easeIn), at the same speed, even though their distance to tween is different. Also I want to cap their final velocity, so they never fall faster than pixels/sec. Here is an illustration: (initial position) Sprite1 Sprite2 (fromX = 0, fromY = 0) (fromX = 100, fromY = 0) (toX = 0, toY = 200) (toX = 100, toY = 400) (falling --> Sprite 1 and Sprite 2 have the EXACT same Y location as falling, since they are using the same custom easing IN function to control their acceleration and final velocity) (falling) .. .. .. Sprite1 has stopped here) Sprite1 (x=0, y=200) Sprite2 (is at the exact same Y locations because they are following the same easing IN function, regardless of total distance to travel (Sprite2 continues to fall until it reaches it target location of y=400) Sprite2 (x = 100, y = 400) Thanks, --Kestal