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  1. Thanks Carl! I have been reading these posts for some time, and as always, you are a wealth of info. Thanks for the tip about checking the velocity. I am already using the Seek() method several places to dissect that a tween is doing, for subsequent tweens and processing. I had not thought about using it here, to determine when to break a tween into two pieces (acceleration, then linear). This may work, and is a great idea! Also, I ran into the same thing with the Physics plugin, the terminal velocity. Would it be easy to just hack up the physics plugin to rate limit it? Th
  2. Hi, For the purpose of distilling this problem to its principal components, let's say I have 2 object that are side by side, say at y=100 pixels. I want both of those to fall down the screen, but to different destination y locations. I want them both to accelerate (easeIn), at the same speed, even though their distance to tween is different. Also I want to cap their final velocity, so they never fall faster than pixels/sec. Here is an illustration: (initial position) Sprite1 Sprite2 (fromX = 0, fromY = 0)