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  1. Since a new instance of SplitText is a 'new' object I wonder if Splittext.revert() not only clears the DOM but also the object itself from memory. If not how do I free the object itself?
  2. @Cassie Yes, I understand. Clear explanation. In this case 'a poem' might be rather important to have these aria things etc. well done. So íf you'd like to fork it you gonna make me a happy old man.
  3. Explain this screenreader friendliness please. The whole animation thing is unfriendly in my opinion. Animation is a difficult thing. You can't always satisfy all the community. @Cassie: Are you willing to fork the above pen with accessibility extras so I can see what you mean?
  4. Perfect Jack! Very nice solution. Thanks for your work.😘
  5. https://codepen.io/violacase/pen/RwpbGeB I found a perhaps dirty way to get a rather fine solution for this problem with just HTML/CSS. I'm not satisfied but it works.
  6. Hi @akapowl, It works fine Thanks for the time you spent for the contribution! Much obliged. Two things: Your pen is private. Could you make it public so we can fork and play with it? Although it DOES the job fine for a simple task, on the longer run it is a cumbersome and browser expensive solution I think. I'm hoping that perhaps it is possible to emit a call back function after a certain 'word' has been processed. That would make life a lot easier! Perhaps with the modifier plugin?
  7. I am trying to animate the text of a poem using SplitText. The poem has no punctuation. The preliminary result is quite nice. But now timeline timing is linear. I would like to take a short pause here and there, for example after the word 'heavens'. I have no idea how to make that happen. Anyone any idea? Maybe not work with SplitText?
  8. So sorry. My fault. Ad blocker was interfering.
  9. On top of the page the link to 'showreel videos' is broken.
  10. Hi @PointC, On forehand I was examining a very old page of MDN I think. Further searching on this subject gives the same answer as you give. Thanks.
  11. Is the SVG XLink declaration in svg files obliged for f.i. GSAP to run without any problems on modern browsers?
  12. You are right Jack. Not really related with gsap. With not loading any css nor any gsap still I got some of these 'error's. Probably a Nuxt setup issue. I'll ask the Nuxt community.
  13. Funny thing is that the first notification is: 'style sheet could not be loaded'. That is correct: No style sheet has been asked for being loaded. I'm working with Nuxt with scoped css.
  14. Firefox version 87.0b9 (64-bit) for all kind of CSS errors (?) coming from Gsap notifies: 'declaration dropped'. These messages sometimes heavily cascades. Is this really an issue? If not: how to suppress these notifications? Otherwise what do do? Neglect?
  15. Agreed. And know that gsap helps you a LOT with creating animation stuff that you want. It solves for you many otherwise rather difficult to write js code. Gsap is great.