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  1. Sorry my fault. Problem is over. I tried to import from "gsap". Should be "gsap/all"
  2. dependencies in package.json gives: "gsap": "npm:@gsap/shockingly@^3.9.1",
  3. Hey OSUblake, long time no see This gives another problem, i.e.: vue-router.esm-bundler.js:72 [Vue Router warn]: Unexpected error when starting the router: SyntaxError: The requested module '/node_modules/.vite/gsap.js?v=276db396' does not provide an export named 'DrawSVGPlugin' Perhaps something to do with the vite bundler? Perhaps vite is looking at the wrong Gsap package?
  4. <script setup> ... import { gsap } from "gsap/all" gsap.registerPlugin(DrawSVGPlugin) ... </script> Gives : Uncaught (in promise) ReferenceError: DrawSVGPlugin is not defined I'm stuck...
  5. I found that it has not much to do with gsap. It's a Vue2 and unfortunately also Vue3 thing. I'm not afraid. Vue does it's DOM refreshes. In updating the DOM who gets fastest ? Gsap or Vue? Firefox is silent.
  6. Thx again @OSUblake The link you gave surely gives the right direction.
  7. With a click handler I abort an ongoing gsap procedure. Chrome complains with the title's message. Is this something to take into concern?.
  8. Many thanks @OSUblake! And a big hug for explaining just a bit more then my question was about initial
  9. @Cassie Thanks for so far. I really want to be certain. In my future (text fun) projects I think I have to create (and revert of course) many instances in a single page.
  10. Since a new instance of SplitText is a 'new' object I wonder if Splittext.revert() not only clears the DOM but also the object itself from memory. If not how do I free the object itself?
  11. @Cassie Yes, I understand. Clear explanation. In this case 'a poem' might be rather important to have these aria things etc. well done. So íf you'd like to fork it you gonna make me a happy old man.
  12. Explain this screenreader friendliness please. The whole animation thing is unfriendly in my opinion. Animation is a difficult thing. You can't always satisfy all the community. @Cassie: Are you willing to fork the above pen with accessibility extras so I can see what you mean?
  13. Perfect Jack! Very nice solution. Thanks for your work.😘
  14. https://codepen.io/violacase/pen/RwpbGeB I found a perhaps dirty way to get a rather fine solution for this problem with just HTML/CSS. I'm not satisfied but it works.
  15. Hi @akapowl, It works fine Thanks for the time you spent for the contribution! Much obliged. Two things: Your pen is private. Could you make it public so we can fork and play with it? Although it DOES the job fine for a simple task, on the longer run it is a cumbersome and browser expensive solution I think. I'm hoping that perhaps it is possible to emit a call back function after a certain 'word' has been processed. That would make life a lot easier! Perhaps with the modifier plugin?