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  1. Sweet thanks Benstr I like your name reminds me of me (Ben) The plan is to release the first coruse earlier and then the rest at the same time by or before due date. But it will probably be released earlier then expected - 3 of the courses are now in technical review for mistakes and suggestions for improvements and the recording for the 4th is going on this week. so i think probably the first one will be released in 2-3 weeks for the kickstarters only. if you can share the love that would be wicked as the more people we get to join the more funds i have to build even more stuff. As it's going really well we have a bonus course being planned right now with a surprise guest and topic for funders that i know will be a smash
  2. Hey everyone, i'm in the process of creating a massive course on animation and code. Already 3 courses have been recorded and edited and 3 more are being worked on. Once you complete all the courses its safe to say you will know how to code an aniamte. 1 of the titles even is about "learning javascript through GSAP animations". To learn more about this bundle and how you can save over 80% by preordering it today(will be relased in December) click here. p.s if there are topics you want to see covered or have any question feel free to comment here or there ! Once this goes live its going to retail for $599 as a bundle you can get it now for 49 (few more seats left but once we go live we will not sell all 6 courses again at this price point).