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  1. Hey, yeah I ran into that but I am able to just use z-index property for the case of IE. I flip z-index halfway through each animation and it mimics the effect of the translateZ where transform-style is supported. I'll check out your codepen, jonathan. I've still got a lot to learn! Thanks guys.
  2. Hold up. I think i got it. I see that you apply preserve-3d to the container element and that gets the children behaving properly. Thanks!!!!!
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. So I'm not actually trying to gain a realistic 3D positioning of these elements, so much as just trying to use translation to achieve the best performance for swapping the position of these things around. I was using perspective of 0 to eliminate perspective effect and just get the elements to display at exactly the x and y values I pick. I was hoping that translating on Z would just move these elements behind or in front of on another according to their z positions, but I can't get them to ever overlap according to the z positions I've specified. 0 for the first one and -300 px for the other two, should put the other two behind the first one, no? Is that not how it works?
  4. Hi folks, I've been googling this to death and can't figure out why I can't set the Z position of these divs using TweenLite (which is writing translateZ transforms, so presumably that way, either). Any help, taking a look at the plnkr here? http://plnkr.co/edit/OKIzzKlNv7yJVVHlraCR See the _setLayoutTargets function and _moveEm function...