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  1. Thats a good version too.. welldone
  2. @ jamie exactly , conerning the this.lasthited element(see post above ) , we'll retalking about after my sleep(really need it i guess)
  3. @Diaco thx for ur input, ur example ilustrate pretty much my ask concerning this.lasthited element ! Here you have to loop for test if anyone hitest anything but i guess the API actually doing this in backend, so why not getting this value from source because its ever calculated;
  4. @jamie thanks , very helpfull indeed
  5. @rodrigo, Actually ur example is a very good illustration of ones of pb i encoutered, see, you cannot have the corect direction of the drag with this, see logs http://codepen.io/anon/pen/GrtEv ; down, up without release and ur direction detection will wrong suprisingly because infact your Y position is > 0 but..you reffer to your starting position instead of the actual position
  6. @blake , see my edited post , its more than returning true when hitest..
  7. What i mean by " this.hitest() " , lets say you have a collision betwean two elements A and B, you have all information about A with " this " and " if (this.hitTest("#B")) " will return you true . well #B is the hited element here , and i want to take easely more than a true collision , lets say the lasthited element .. In a list of sortable example, this.lasthited could return the last hited element immediatly directly from API(without need extra loop), then we could just replace the this position(A) by this.lasthited(B here) , and the sortable code is pretty made, there are so much case who thats could be usefull.. hope u understand my example.. Anyway , Thanks for you input ,You are a greensock guru thats sure , for a 10min work(really??),thats works pretty good(at least)
  8. @jamie Actually you cannot get the y position of the hitest element, you can set an action if this histest but you have not any control of the hitest element... I spent time to make a try with GSAP because i like this library qnd i'd like to see them bigger tomorow, thats the opensource spirit thats all..
  9. Hi rodrigo and thanks for your input, Unfortunatly , you don't get the really direction with this kind : we don't know what element will be drag in first, we will don't know his future position direction, use y position will be a fake solution and simply doesn't work for a sortable feature i guess... Really, now immagine we can have the hitest element position with a this.hitest() method, the whole feature will be finish in hour.. So are you agree to say , this method to take the actual element hitest position lacking here... I love draggable but it need more flexibility here. I just try to achieve this with GSAP because i love ur library and i 'd like to enlarge some building plugin.. This king of feature is actually achievable in hour with pure javascript, so , for a draggable plugin i guess it should be easier, its the plugin idea i think. anyway, ur library is very good and i discover it each day, but something lake here, im pretty sure.. Now after some hours spent to perform that, i am very curious and open to see anyone achieve this feature with draggable; i will love to see someone show me how many lines you need to do it., im not sinic, its just an objective things. gui
  10. ok, i'm sorry so say, i resign lol ; I took many time, and my think is some option with hitest will be warmly welcome... i mean i easely know how to achieve it if you give me something like this : this.hitest.y ! Here one of the bigger pb is , how do you know the actual direction of draging element ?! i am very curious to know.. i can doing work in one direction only. i attach my try, all advises and/or eplanation are welcome. http://codepen.io/anon/pen/rlyEh?editors=001
  11. im sorry i edited my post because i asked question who i finally find the answer, i'm working on the things, its not so easy as we think.. I will post the final result for sure
  12. thx for this piece of code, im gona give another try
  13. hi, no i didn't able to make any progress, i dont want to work with jquery, im focusing on greensock draggable; I am cusrious to know if anybody built this with GSAP , as i said i didn't find the way to achieve it, but peraps there are some greensocks guru on this site, i dont give up to see a new starting example for a sortable features
  14. Hi, It could very usefull to enlarge the ui form capabilities of draggable, after input range, i was trying to make a sortable list elements with draggable but it seems difficult infact, i attached a codepen find on this forum , i have really no idea to perform that..seems doesn't work at all.. a good exemple is the jquery ui sortable viewable here : http://jqueryui.com/sortable/ I'm very open to any advises or others strating exemples.. gui