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  1. Thank you for your links !! At the begining, I believed it was an issue with the Delay, inside my Tween. I was wrong ^^
  2. Thanks a lot for your advice. Here is my codePen: http://codepen.io/anon/pen/KdoGoq The purple square moves from left to right. With "onresize", the tween of my purple square is triggered each time I resize my browser. But when I am resizing the browser, the square is shaking too (sure, I ask to have a tween with onResize ^^ ), However, I would like to have this tween move, only when I have finished to resize the brower (not when I am resizing it). I try to use "delay" inside my tween, to wait for it , but not sure it's the good thing to do One more time, thank you !
  3. Hi here ! I have a new question about GreenSock... : Let's say I have a very simple animation, for example a square moving from left to right... For this case, I use TweenLite.to() I want to replay this animation each time the user resizes the browser... What is the best option for me, to get this result ? Do I have to look around Javascript stuffs ? Or can I simply use the "Repeat" option, included in TweenMax, to play again my tween ? Thanks for your help !
  4. Thanks a lot OSUblake, for this tip !
  5. Hello, Just a question, even if it looks like from a newbie I would like to know if GSAP is the required tool, if I want to have moves in a responsive website ? A very simple example : I have a box, aligned on my left side.... If I write this : var $box = $('#box'); TweenLite.to($box, 5, {left:1280} ); My box will cross the screen from left to right (if my screen is 1280x800) ! Now, What if I resize my window ? How could I get a move from left to the right border of my window, even if the size of my browser changes ...? I hope it is not a stupid question
  6. Hi ! I want to try ThrowPropsPlugin in CodePen, before to suscribe with the ShockinglyGreen membership... Is it possible ? Thanks a lot ...and sorry if the question is in the wrong place
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    Thank you very much Carl, for your help and the examples !
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    Hi, I have a "simple" question about Physics2D. I was looking for an easy tutorial to enjoy this plug-in (I haven't found one ), but when I land on http://greensock.com/docs/#/HTML5/GSAP/Plugins/Physics2DPlugin/, it's written that it requires to be member in Club Greensock. Is there a way to test, and easy examples to learn how to use it, before suscribe ? I have just found this : http://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/yhEmn but it is not really clear to me because it is not only focused on Physics2D ... Thanks a lot !
  9. Thanks a lot Diaco.aw ! It works great ! Just to know, if my "anim" has a duration of 2 secondes, is it possible to have anim.reverse() with a duration of 1 seconde (means "play in reverse more quickly" ) ? Or anim.reverse has to keep the same duration as the "anim" of 2 seconds ? Last question : Do these Tweens (especially with the ScrollToPlugin) work as well on mobiles, without loss of speed ? (for example, I was told that ScrollMagic is not as good on mobiles, even if it works great on desktop. Is it true ? )
  10. @diaco.aw : Thank you very much ! You are right... It was my mistake with confusion between ID and Class : shame on me @Carl : I began to have a look to your links. They are really interesting, even if ScrollMagic doesn't seem that easy to learn for a "beginner" (but may be I am wrong ^^ ). Anyway, thanks a lot, may be it will be my next target, when I become a GreenSock master Can't wait your e-book !! Well, to continue my questions about GreenSock, I update my example : http://codepen.io/anon/pen/PwBQaq When I click on the Blue button, the page scrolls to the blue page, and then, the Tween (yellow square, on the top of the blue page) is triggered. When I click on the Red button, the page scrolls back to the red part. My question is : When I click again on the Blue button, the yellow square tween does not work (because, I guess, the yellow square has already been "tweened" a first time). So what would be the best solution ? Re-initialize the position of the yellow square , at the top of the blue page ? Or tween the yellow square in reverse, when I click on the red button ? Thanks ! And sorry if my question seems weird
  11. Hello all, I have many questions. Please, note I am a true beginner, and I am from France (sorry if my words are not good) 1) Let's say I have my website, divided in 3 parts ( red, blue and green). When my page is loaded, it uses the ScrollToPlugin to jump to the blue part, with an "Ease effect". Here, everything seems OK, but when I am in the Blue part, I want to trigger an onComplete function ( animYellow ), to animate the Yellow square. Nothing happens. What did I forget ? 2) Other point : when I use the mouse to scroll in my page, there is no Ease effect ... However, I first use the ScrollTo plugin to go on my blue part. Isn't it enough to always keep the Ease effect in my page? 3) More : I want to animate the yellow square when I scroll with the mouse to get into the blue part, and also, I want to animate the purple square when I scroll to the green part. What is the best way to do it ? -Create both my yellow square and my purple square at (0,0) , get them invisible, and make them visible (and animate them) when I detect the scroll is in the blue part or in the green part ? - OR must I position the yellow square at y:800 and the purple one at y:1600 to animate them ? Which on of these 2 methods is recommend to avoid to slow down my tween effects ? 4) Last question, what is the best way to learn and "masterize" GreenSock Platform ? Online courses ? Or Do you know if, in France, there is any agency providing courses to teach all about GreenSock animations ? Thanks a lot for reading all my topic, sorry for my bad english, and thank you very much if you can help me Ju
  12. Thank you, that's it ! It really helps !!
  13. Hello all, and thanks a lot to this forum for the help !! I have a button, BT, and when there is a rollover on it, it changes of color. Here, I use CSS and "hover" ... How can I use tweenMax to have a progressive change of color, from Green to Red ? Thank you very much for your patience
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    Hello, I would just like to know more about the plug-in "Splittext". If I understand well, we can use it only with a membership of Club GreenSock ("Shockingly Green" and "Business Green" )...? Is there kind of demo version of SplitText ? ...because I would like to try it a little before to suscribe... Thanks a lot