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  1. Hello, I am having a little trouble with finding a good equation for animating text with a fixed play length. A user needs to be able to tell me: "I want this animation to play for [x] amount of seconds" I am using TimelineMax.staggerFrom with a SplitTextField to make this happen. I first need to ensure my understanding of StaggerFrom is correct. In this case, lets say we are doing a fade in by character. Here is my understanding of how this should work: T = total time (2 seconds in this case) C = total number of characters (let' use the word "Hello", so this i
  2. Hello Carl, Thank you very much for taking the time to explain that to me. I think I understand what you are saying and it just may have worked (more testing will tell). It looks like the solution may be as follows: 1. Create a SplitTextField before anything else (which references the textField) 2. Instead of passing the textField to each function and having the function create new SplitTextFields, now I pass the SplitTextField I created at the start 3. Do all the animations I want 4. Cleanup the whole thing (probably call the onComplete of the masterTimeline to now do the clea
  3. Hello Carl, After further research, I'm finding that I cannot have more than one splittextfield on a textfield in a timeline. My goal is to be able to animate the same object multiple times within a timeline. Per the docs, I should be able to call destroy() after using a splittextfield on a textfield and it should remove it from the textfield so the textfield can be resued. Unfortunately, per my previous post and my further research, I may be doing something wrong here. From what I can tell it seems like the destroy function is not working as I expect. After I call the des
  4. Hello Carl, Thank you very much for taking the time to assist me! Unfortunately, I tried the method you suggested and it did not work. The text held an alpha of 1 (basically ignored the fadeIn), but the FadeOutByWord worked. I'm assuming this is what happened: 1. Alpha is set to 0 for FadeIn. 2. Alpha is set to 1 for FadeOutByWord 3. FadeIn runs but since alpha is already at 1, nothing happens. 4. FadeOutByWord runs and alpha for each character goes from 1 to 0 as expected. I wrote a separate program as requested detailing this issue. I have removed the SWC from the progr
  5. Hello, I am having a little trouble with the SplitTextField and need a little direction. I cant find a good way to explain this, so I'm going to describe it bluntly. Example: I have two animations in a timeline, 1 should fade text in, the next should use a splittextfield to fade out by word When I run the animation as a whole, the text appears after the entire animation is complete (once the splittextfield has been disposed) My Theory: Since I am adding all the animations to a master animation at once, the splittextfield is being created right away and looking at the c
  6. Hello Carl, Thank you very much for the help! You're answer was exactly what I needed. Just an FYI for anyone else who comes across a similar issue, my final solution was to extend the timelineMax with an object which I called enhancedTimelineMax. This object simply kept a pointer to the SplitTextField used on each animation. I replaced all my timelineMax objects within my library with this class. When the end user clicks stop, I used the getChildren() on the masterTimeline and search for any objects which were enhancedTimelineMax and stated something to the follo
  7. Hello, I am having a little bit of trouble finding a way to remove the split text field from a textfield once I stop the animation its in. Long story short, I made a library which creates little timelines (sub-animations) for each animation (a timelineMax for flashing text, one for bouncing text, etc.). I give the end user the ability to combine all these little tiimelines into one big timeline, so that they may do something like the following: Text fades in, text flashes, text spins, text slides off screen All is working fine until one point. If one of those sub-animations u
  8. Hello again, I have been going through the various plugins and I seem to have run into a problem with the scrambleTextPlugin. I'm trying to follow the instructions in the the documentation but nothing shows in the screen when I do so. I am using a main timeline to encapsulate the scrambleText timeline // MAIN CLASS ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// var t:TimelineMax = new TimelineMax(); createTextField("MAKE SOME NOISE!!!!"); t.add(AdvancedTextEffects.randomCharacters(text, 3)); t.play(); ////////////////
  9. Hello Carl, That did the trick! Thank you very much for your fast response and your detailed explanation. That is amazing customer service and it is really appreciated! Have a great day! - Steven Lopes
  10. Hello, We purchased the Club membership and received the SplitTextField which honestly is working really really well. I'm having a little problem though. I am attempting to create a sub-timeline using TimelineMax which animates a SplitTextField. Once I create the timeline in my function, I return the TimelineMax to the parent class which adds it to the main timeline (also a timelineMax). I have been doing this for all the animations I need and its working just fine. I can sequence 10 different complex animations without a problem! Here is my issue (and I know it sim
  11. Hello, I am experimenting with the blitmask object and I am running into a little odd problem. When I run a very simple demo of simply scrolling a textfield using blitmask, the movement lags about every 4 seconds. The lag looks like a jitter and for maybe 1/2 a second I cannot read anything (almost like the object and the screen refresh get out of sync). When I watch and play with the demo on the website, I see a very very small amount of this lag, but its still much better than what I am seeing. I set my application to 60 fps and I am using embedded fonts. I am running an i7 wi