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  1. I export .png assets at the banner size so I save myself a lot of time NOT positioning assets (since they are already positioned in the image itself). You may think that trimming those transparent pixels would save you size but actually I rather save time (and the difference is not that big anyways).
  2. Hello friends. Any task runner that makes packing ads easier? I currently go to each banner folder, select the files and then zip them. But I'm sure there should be an easier way.
  3. Hello friends. Has anybody worked banners in Centro/Basis? Do you know if they allow or have a component for videos as a background? A client wants to know and I have never use it and my experience limits to RM with Doubleclick. Regards.
  4. Do you folks mind to share any Gulp (or other task runners) implementations that make your development life easier?
  5. What about doing statics with little bits of animation? Like: CTA jumps/scales a couple of times. Animated background (images with zooming/panning/Ken Burns effects or looping animations) Text lights up/blinks once in while. 1 frame with all elements fading in or sliding into position very fast at the beginning. I mean, maybe people is not willing to invest 15 seconds into reading and putting together the whole message at the end. Maybe marketers are focusing too much on storyboarding and not enough in copywriting.
  6. Another way to nullify CSS animations is having a setTimeout that starts on window.load and last 15000 ms and at the end apply the following class to the banner: * { -moz-animation: none !important; -webkit-animation: none !important; animation: none !important; }
  7. I love seeing this kind of entrepreneurship of bringing a more visual approach to animation software. The FB link does not seems to work. I'm looking at the Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbHPzFBpeaw
  8. @Carl NOW it did worked out beautifully!!!! Congrats! You have a winner on your hands guys!
  9. @Carl This is a wonderful concept! However it did not worked out for me. It would be great to understand the expected development workflow so the banners workout in the end. My setup usually is index.html calling the Doubleclick Enabler, styles.css, 1 external .js file and a bunch of images.
  10. Excellent and valid points ?. And until we know that GSAP is whitelisted we have to still do all that by hand while trying to convince the client to reduce the scope of the animation in the banner ?.
  11. Nope, it will only "render" opacity and transform. So you put in a tween and it spits out from 2 to 100 css keyframes. Hopefully they do (since they got "bodymovin" there). If you hear something let us know please ? Nice!
  12. It would be nice to have some sort of js functionality into GSAP where I would put in a regular tween and it will output an amp-animation JSON.