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  1. Hi guys I have a weird situation and I cannot explain what is happening Super simple, I basically create a div and set it to have rounded corners. Then set the overflow to hidden. Next I pop an image inside and all I want it to do is rotate inside, but it's glitchy. With the codepen URL for example you can see (while animating) the div temporarily looses it's overflow hidden the and hand is revealed on top. With our website: http://iplabs.com.au/amaysim/history-of-the-mobile-phone/ you can see it sitting there on top of the circle. Removing TweenMax instantly fixes the issue. Any ideas? Thank you!
  2. Sorry with that new method.. Now it ends the timeline, and just sits looping the pointer and the bottles no longer change I have updated the link so you can see
  3. the problem now with this method, is that when I click on the bottle to stop it and trigger the animation - the pointer is on the wrong bottle because it starts at a different time.
  4. Hi guys This is probably painfully obvious to you - but I'm learning! https://beer-interactive-ani.webflow.io/bundle1-play See the navigation on the left fading from top to bottom ... all I want to do is create a seamless loop. At the moment it's waiting for the tween to end before restarting again - how can I set it so it loops perfect before waiting??? Thanks in advance!
  5. Thank you very much for the replies guys. My client saw the first site (fressko) and they became attacked to the swipe parallax effect. But the problem is, that it's supposed to be a responsive website.. well those parallax effects don't really work on mobile at all. Not to mention the flasks need to flow under one another for mobile. It's really confusing me which way to take this. So, I created Freshko (the second example) without the full page fixed background images. I was hoping I could re-create the swipe effect of the first example on the second with GS. But maybe that's not possible. Thank you for your example though, I am reading through that now. Do you know how that would go if run on a mobile phone? In fact - does ANYONE have a single example of fixed background working really well on mobile? I've never seen one. The scroll events always get updated after the user stops scrolling on a mobile.
  6. Hi there, I'm wondering if there is a solution to emulate a fixed background with GS ? I have created 2 versions of the same site. One uses background fixed with a swipe parallax effect here http://fressko.webflow.io/ the other uses gs to tween the slides in and out of opacity as seen here http://freshko.webflow.io/ all of this is done via scroll magic and it's ability to pin. QUESTION - is there ANY way to recreate the swipe / scrolling fixed background effect from http://fressko.webflow.io/ so I can use it on http://freshko.webflow.io/
  7. Thanks for your reply. During my revision process I came across exactly what I needed. http://www.philippadrian.com/project/jquery-slides/ specifically, http://www.philippadrian.com/jquery-slides-grid-example/ This doesn't use greensock, but it may help someone out in the future. Cheers.
  8. Hi guys I have a basic 3x3 grid with a simple 3d hover effect using GSAP http://steaklab.com.au/ctm/seven-wonders/ PROBLEM: I want to click a box and have it transition to full screen from where it is.. that is to say, the corners of a specific box clicked on animate to the browser window and proportionally shrink the other divs in the process. I'm wondering if this is possible with GSAP. ?? This is link of like a treemap see here http://bost.ocks.org/mike/treemap/ Any advise would be very welcome!