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  1. Okay, I get it! Without the delay, timelineMax will execute the commands immediately (make visible, calculate 'start' position and move elements there, animate back into place), but with the delay, it will calculate the element positions but won't start execution until after this is done... brilliant! Thanks so much for your replies; already the Greensock operations 'context' is becoming clearer to me. Cheers!
  2. Hello, I've just begun using Greensock (and it looks great already, thanks!), and I've already programmed myself into a corner... tl.staggerFrom(".product_div", 0.5, {top:"1000px", ease:Power2.easeInOut}, 0.1); Just a normal staggerFrom, right? The ".product_div"'s are just a bunch of boxes I'd like to animate 'into place' from the bottom of the screen.The thing is, the elements animated are visible at their 'final' position (floating left), and it is quite normal that I will see them for a microsecond at their 'end' position before the animation starts, but... I'd like to make them invisible before it starts. That would mean that the elements would have to be invisible from the get-go (in the css), and be made visible just after timelineMax has moved it into its 'animation start' position, but I can't find any feasible way to make this happen in the documentation. Perhaps I should be going at this the other way around, but thanks for any advice (I'm also curious for future reference). Thanks, best, Josef (aka ThePromenader)