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  1. Hello Is it something like this? http://codepen.io/anon/pen/LNgboN Ps: please notice that, I'm showing the content while the button moves to position. If you feel like it should wait until it the button moves in to position, than simply delete the ",-=2" parts from the code.
  2. Oh hey. Thank you. Im glad you liked the animation and thank you for your suggestions. I've actually thought long on the matter.There are several issues if I made a intro movie instead of sprite animations. This aproach helps me keep control over every thing in the screen. I can change the phase of the animation of objects, where they animate and how fast they animate. I can change or add things to the general flow of the animations with this aproach but where else in intro movie, we got one result and one result only. Another problem is transitioning from intro movie to the actual site
  3. Hi everyone First, shout out to Diaco and rest of the Greensocks heroes. Thank you. I've enjoyed working with your script and all the answers you've provided here have been most useful. My WIP http://goo.gl/RWzDCK the js in the site is not yet optimized. I'm optimizing it on my local server. And here are the questions. 1) I'm animating a timeline of objects. Since there are other instances of these objects being used later on, I'm defining them before using them in my timeline. The problem is, there are some objects that are being generated based on conditions (for example, ".penci
  4. Hey thanks a lot. Timeline feature is awesome. I was stuck in a simmilar space in my previous attempt and timeline (especially timelinemax ) is a great solution for my problems. I've tried to implement the answers that you've provided but still has some minor problems. I guess I'll not beat around the bush and just provide the glimps of the problem. Please check this example. http://codepen.io/anon/pen/yOyZqN As you can see, there are some sprites with different total frames. Thats why I have 2 (and actually many more needed later on) type of duration in the example. Also for now I'm trying
  5. Hi Diaco. It works. Thank you. And looks really simple (doh). How ever now I got another problem. This sprite animation is one of many that are continuing each other, like one after another. I've modified the code (at codepen example) a bit by adding background-repeat none (since its not a looping animation) and added another div with another class, which suppose to start animating right after the first one. In the updated codepen - now the animations are blinking in repeating and also in starting one after another. (I'm suspecting that -2400 is overshooting it. there fore 15 frame count a
  6. Hi Diaco gave an example which provides code for sprite animation like the following TweenMax.to('.character',1,{repeat:-1,backgroundPosition: "-2400px",ease:SteppedEase.config(16)}); I can use this code for my sprite animation but It would much easier for me if I can set frame rate to a stable number (like 15 fps) and simply write the frame number and the dimension of the frame (like the below example code). I've searched and found jamiejefferson has written a code where I can set a frame rate but I couldnt managed to combine them. var images = $('.character')(), // name of the cla
  7. Hi once again. i've created my site and am using tweenmax&lite scripts alot and i'm loving it. My problem is; i've installed a plugin called Revolution slider and this slider has tweenmax embedded into it too. And a minor (but crucial) animation in my page is not animating as it suppose to on the page this slider is being placed in. The animation is site wide, footer show&hide which you can see easly from this page. http://goo.gl/VDQqNt (please click Expand to see link on the bottom). As you can see, the footer slides in the window is positioned on the bottom. Now please check t
  8. Oh thanks for the heads up I thought it might be an issue of not knowing the Gsjp library features rather than Superscrolloroma problem. (though your tip on css is much apriciated. I'll delve deeper in to docs to check more.). I've started reading the topics and found some solution. Thanks alot once again.
  9. Hello every one. This is my first post. And before i write anything, i would like to say how much i enjoy this library and how it opens great opportunities for any type of design. So many heart felt thanks are in order. http://goo.gl/DMBeAQ Basically, i got this page and scroll related animations(with John Polaceks SupersScrolloroma , shout out for his great script as well). As the page scrolls, so the pictures in phone changes. My problem is, when someone scrolls fast, the animations (like changing opacity from 0 to 1 and back) stops animating all together and just hang in there. So I've