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  1. I did manage to create something of an explosion effect, in case anyone is looking for something like that. It is set to yoyo and repeat, but you can remove those to get a one-time explosion effect -- http://codepen.io/anon/pen/IdALq
  2. I am trying to achieve something like this codePen http://codepen.io/jamiejefferson/pen/soLrF but in a way that the particles only shoot out once, like a mini explosion. Tweaking this code and trying to decipher it hasn't led me to achieve the result I'm looking for... is there a way to simplify this codePen so that it is a single mini explosion with 50 particles ? This would help to understand how to break it down and create particle effects better. Thanks in advance.
  3. yes, this works perfectly! I do see what you mean about having multiple timelines for smaller projects not being necessary. I was using multiple timelines to better organize my animations (giving each splitText sequence for example, it's own timeLine) But I guess there is a better way -- I did collapse everything into one timeline eventually per your suggestion. Can I send you a link to see if I am organizing my timelines and GreenSock JS code in general correctly ? I didn't want to post it here since it uses some of the member plugins, thanks.
  4. thanks, it's starting to make more sense now. The delay and separate timelines were from the larger project, I just pasted a snippet into codePen, so we can ignore those -- but the codePen now only restarts and plays the first timeline once more, and doesn't 'loop' I was looking for the code to reStart and play all timelines in sequence, infinitely, so I am still confused about how to make that happen...
  5. I watched the videos about the position parameter, but I didn't see anything about the repeating multiple timelines. Here is another code pen that shows the onComplete event not working. I am trying to get it to restart timeline 1 after timeline 2 is complete in this codePen http://codepen.io/anon/pen/AyFxu I am not even sure I am nesting these timelines right in this code pen.
  6. I put the first code to infinitely loop, and it works, but it overlaps my other timelines as it is looping and it doesn;t wait for the last timeline to end before restarting. So I tried the onComplete like this var t4 = new TimelineLite({onComplete:function() { tl.restart(); }}); because I want the first timeline to start after the fourth timeline is complete, but it doesn't restart at all. Is there a way to wait for all 4 timelines to finish, and then restart at the first timeline again ?
  7. Hi, I am just trying to get multiple timelines or even one time line to loop using restart(); As you see in the codePen, the timeline just stops, but doesn't loop. This is one timeline of many sequencing timelines, How can we get them to loop after the last timeline has played ?
  8. Hi, I see some demos and examples that create particles from one circular div, but is there something simple that can break down the code for me to understand better -- a simple example that just throws circle particles from a center that has a larger radius than a single pixel ? Maybe a random range about 100x100 pixels from where the particles start from, and a max number of 30 random particles fading randomly from 0 to 100 opacity and scaling from +=200 within a random 500x500 pixel radius area, or something like that ? A simple demo that will help break it down to better understand
  9. ahh, this is great info. thanks!
  10. I see how to add a delay to a second timeline now, by using this: tl2.delay(4.9); Is this the best approach to use ? And is it the best approach for nesting timelines as well ?
  11. Hi, I have two timelines, but I want one timeline to start after the first timeline, either with a delay or some other way. What is the best way to have multiple timelines and be able to set their start times ?
  12. This is great! But adding other properties like rotation or scale like this seem to cause it not to work randomly: tl2.from(mySplitText.chars, 2, {opacity:0, rotation:180, scale:2}, Math.random() * 1); Is there a way to make each letter fade in, and scale in at different sizes up to 200%, and also tween to position from a different starting x,y position with split text ? I can't seem to find any code or tutorials to explain how to do this.