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celli last won the day on January 3 2016

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celli last won the day on January 3 2016

celli had the most liked content!

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  1. Thanks PointC! Yea, I see that does work. I just need to pause my master timeline first. Thanks!
  2. Can I put an ease on a master timeline? I would like to add an ease to the whole timeline, in addition to the eases that I've added to each tween in the timeline, for more control over my easing / timing overall. In my codePen I've added the ease to the master Timeline, but it doesn't take effect—and I wonder if there is a way to do it now with the latest GSAP version.
  3. celli


    great tips, thanks guys!
  4. celli


    ahh yes, makes perfect sense, thanks Jack! I needed to change my click function to use an eventListener to actually make that work container.addEventListener("click", function(){ accordianClkTl.reversed() ? accordianClkTl.play() : accordianClkTl.reverse(); }); This way didn't work container.click(function() { accordianClkTl.reversed() ? accordianClkTl.play() : accordianClkTl.reverse(); });
  5. celli


    Hi, I recently had another post and learned I can use this powerful tool, so I am using the GSAP utils.toArray in a new pen. I want to use it to effect only the element that I am clicking on. I am new to using this GSAP utility, so I must be doing something incorrectly because all of my elements are effected, instead of the one that I am clicking on only. Hoping someone can shed light on what I am missing.
  6. That's great PointC, I appreciate that! I also like how you made a variable for the timeline defaults, I never thought of doing that. Thanks for the tips.
  7. Thanks Zach. I didn't realize that about the forked pens. I will do that moving forward. I did wind up creating two tweens so they wouldn't conflict. I also added a zero to my play reference like this, so that they would re-play each time from the 0 timeline position on mouseover. I think this is the best way to handle that. If there is a better way, just let me know. tl1.play(0)
  8. Thanks Zach, I tried both ways. If I hover over only one and then hover directly out of that one it seems to work. If I hover more quickly, and hover from element-to-element, the elements flicker and seem to not reverse the timeline properly inconsistently. My older code below, which is commented-out, it is working smoothly. If you switch the comment blocks, you can see it working smoothly when I am not using the single GSAP timeline. But, I want to do it the right way with—one GSAP timeline, but I am doing something wrong in order to effectively do this. Do you see what I'm doing wrong in the uncommented out version in my codePen?
  9. I think it will not work, because I want to put that into utils.toArray. I tried two ways to reference the elements in my codePen https://codepen.io/celli/pen/abNJyaB
  10. wow Zach, this is amazing. I have made the revisions on my original codePen and got it to work pretty easily! That's really great. One additional question, how would I handle something like this in that loop—where I want to effect all elements, except the one I am moused-over. let notElement = $('.container').not(this);
  11. Hi, I have mouseover and mouseleave events that work to control specific instances of elements that are inside of the container. I can easily create multiple GSAP instances within each mouseover and mouseleave function to control my elements, but I want to create a paused timeline outside of my mouse functions, and control the play() and reverse() of the timeline instead. The issue I am experiencing is that my timeline would be referencing every instance of a classname if I do it this way, while I really only want to reference the specific class that is inside of the element that I am mousing-over. How can I reference the mouseover event's element specifically, and also create the GSAP timeline outside of my mouse events? There has got to be something simple that I am missing.
  12. Thanks so much Zach. I have it all working now through much trial and error! It was definitely the marginTop that was causing my main issues, and it is much better organized and using scrollTrigger, thanks to your guidance, so I really appreciate all of this. There is only thing is that it feels like the tween to the '.content' in my timeline is scrubbing even though I have scrub:false specified. This only happens only if you scroll very slow from the very top of the window, downward. I can actually scroll/scrub and effect the position of my .content div (probably not noticeable to most).
  13. correction: I see the issue. Is is the marginTop and the height animating, that is causing this issue. I am in the process of replacing the marginTop with a y transform, however this doesn't keep the elements below it in the flow, so my elements below the one with the y-transform will not also shift down, like when using margin -- do you suggest another property to use in place of margin with GSAP ?
  14. Hi Zach, I created multiple timelines in separate functions, because I actually need other things to happen when the scrolling reaches the top position and I don't think a label will work. But I think the main issue still remains, when I scroll all the way to the bottom quickly and the scrolling over scrolls or creates a negative scroll, similar to what happens on mobile, I get this constant jitter--so I am wondering if there is also a fail safe that I can put in to completely stop the calculations after it reaches the end of the timeline?
  15. ahh, right, I forgot about that. Thank You! Okay this is all working. I will work on pausing the timeline at a specific label, then resuming if I hit the top. Thanks for sticking with me here.