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celli last won the day on January 3 2016

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celli last won the day on January 3 2016

celli had the most liked content!

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  1. This is great PointC and Jack, thank you!
  2. Hi all, I hate to dig this one back up. As I dug deeper into it, I noticed that it seemed to kill all of my scrollSmoothers, not just the ones that I am trying to target. For instance I added two boxes above the images without the class of .smootherReset768 and while those keep their original data-speed attributes (resizing below 768px), the smoothScroller stops working for those elements as well. When I resize the browser to above 768px only the elements with my class .smootherReset768 re-initiate the scrollSmoother behavior. I tried it several different ways, but I was still not able to get my other elements without the target class of .smootherReset768 to retain the scrollSmoother behavior, without removing the t.kill() function.
  3. *** EDIT: Sorry, it does work, I had to add OSUBlake's t.kill() -- I forgot about that ***
  4. I actually notice now that I test my codePen further in live mode, when I resize my browser multiple times, the behavior doesn't seem to stick, the original values seem to remain persistent. I also notice that if I start my browser under 768px wide, the data-speed change doesn't take effect.
  5. thank you guys, this works nicely. And it will work selectively (only for the elements that I'd like it to effect) perfect.
  6. yes, exactly. I tried this with the loop in my else statement, but I must be doing something incorrectly. I just don't see how I am recording my originalSpeeds. If this is beyond GSAP support I totally understand, I will keep trying on my own and appreciate the help.
  7. I'd like to set effects to false, but only for elements with a certain class of .smootherReset768, and then set them back to their original, so I really don't want to kill the whole scrollSmoother. When I try to recreate the scrollSmoother in my resize function it doesn't seem to work, so I f figured if I can capture the original values and then re-inject them into the elements when I resize over 768px that would work (also as you suggested), I just wasn't able to get that working. I see your code above so I'll give that a whirl, but it doesn't reference the elements with the class of .smootherReset768, so I'm not sure where I get the originalSpeeds from.
  8. I am trying to create the loop, record values and then return them back into my elements, which I have not been able to do successfully as you can see in my pen—but now I am wondering can I kill() the existing scrollSmoother in the elements with this class only, and then restart scrollSmoother in my resize function? Or would that not work?
  9. humm, yes that will be the trick I will try
  10. Hi, I have a scrollSmoother page setup and I am using in-line data-speed attributes. I am changing the data-speed at a 768px break-point, because *some* of my content stacks at that break point and I need to change the data-speed at that break-point, which works well. I want to return my data-speed to their original settings when my browser resizes again to larger than 768px, is there a best way to accomplish this? Obviously I do not have anything in my else statement to change the data-speed to anything specific, but since there will be many elements that will use this technique (and the data-speed numbers would be different for each, depending on what the situation is), I want to see if I can easily return each of the elements to their original data-speed in some way that I might be missing or with smoothScroller ? If you resize my codePen, look at the 2-column images and then resize back to above 768px, you will see what I mean.
  11. @akapowl yes I see, thank you. I changed my original pen to change the background-color instead using CSS Variables. Works nicely! I appreciate you calling out the hint box on the CSSPlugin page, I will read up and start using CSS Variables
  12. Hi, I have a loop with hover animations happening in each element, which all works except for my pseudo element with is selected using CSSPlugin. I can animate a single pseudo element, but when I put it into a loop (for multiple elements), it doesn't seem like I can select each of them. Is there a special way to use the CSSPlugin in this instance?
  13. @OSUblake, have you noticed since the 3.10.3 update that the smoothScroller is acting unexpectedly when resizing the browser window ? I was going to recreate another codePen test, but I checked this page https://greensock.com/scrollsmoother/ and I see the same thing happening there. When I resize my browser window/viewport from large to small, sometimes the top of the page is cut off, and often the smoothScroller and parallax effects stop working, until I refresh the page again. I just wanted to see if you are seeing that behavior as well on the gsap page.
  14. @OSUBlake, yes the update works in my initial test, thank you! Is there anything else I should add to smoothScroller or in my js?