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  1. Hey Guys - Thanks for your response! @Podrigo clearing the timeline before setting the values seems like the best option here. Although if the timeline is cleared halfway the to() method will recalculate the from position which will result in the reverse() method not behaving as intended. This was also my first attempt @GreenSock The invalidate() seems to reset the to() from properties aswell - so unless fromTo() is used, this will not work. I'm a bit surprised that greensock choses not to execute a function if passed as property value. Afraid that developers will pass functions that will slow down the run time?
  2. Hey there guys! I've spent a good deal of time trying to figure this out - so now I've decided to ask a bit of help. When running and reversing timelines, the properties might change. Is there a way of updating these properties on the fly? I've come up with a small example, check out the codepen! Please let me know if you need me to clarify anything