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  1. Hello Jonathan, What I mean by namespacing in this case is using the GreenSockGlobals object: var gs = window.GreenSockGlobals = {}; // load greensock lib here // your project here, with code like: gs.TweenMax.to('#humpaLumpa', 2, { x: 10, ease: gs.Back.easeInOut });
  2. Thisone is for greensock, 'cause I don't know where else to put it, because this plugin is for clubmembers only and the plugin is not on github to respond there: First of all, briljant new plugin!! This was a reason for me to immediately renew my club greensock! Finally a morphplugin that even works if the amount of points in the paths are not equal! Thanks! Nothing beats Greensock! @greensock: just a minor detail: the findShapeIndex.js doesn't respect the greensock namespacing. So in my projects it's telling that TweenLite could not be found, because I set a namespace on the greensock lib. All my projects work this way, so I'm gonna make it work on my side here. But it would be great if this could be implemented in the lib for future updating of the code! That said; Going back to play with the new toy! Thanks again. Very nice work!