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  1. Hey Jack. I JUST figured that out after re-reading the docs and realised that was my mistake and was coming back here to edit my post. But then you were already here Thanks so much Jack - the support here is amazing. Cheers PS. Pretty bloody slack of you to take all of 2 hours to respond!
  2. Hi gang, Insert standard gushy comments about how great Greensock is...(cos it really is THAT good) I'm hoping there's something I've overlooked or that there's a quick and easy fix for what I'm seeing.... In my site I've encountered an issue with very quickly dragging objects with the mouse (in my limited test I don't think it was as much an issue on touch devices) onDragEnd I'd like to sometimes tween the dragged item back to it's original position (dependent on certain conditions) which works fine on most tests. However I noticed than when very quickly dragging and releasin