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  1. Wow. Thanks Rodrigo, that is perfect. You explained it very well, I knew there was a more logical way to achieve what I was looking for. Thanks for remindning me about chaining methods, I had known that previously but sometimes when I'm troubleshooting I tend to write it out so I can see the flow better. Thanks again for the solution and quick turnaround. Chris
  2. I have 3 doors that swing open to reveal content, then they all close. After that you can click a "door" to reveal what's underneath. It works fine except that after one click, it doesn't work again. I have one function to open all the doors then onComplete of that function I reverse the timeline; I also have a onReverseComplete function called "loadClickHandlers" that loads all the items individually so they can be clicked. A door is clicked to open it, then the content revealed is clicked to close the door again. There is one timeline for all three doors at first, to open and close them. then each door has its own timeline so it can be controlled via click Thanks for any suggestions.