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  1. I have a big datebase which has the data format using rotation,x,y, width and height for images, and I have to show the size and position by ur class, does it support that? I had sent u 2 mails but looks my mail server sucks, damn! so if you'd like ,plz copy a reply to my box travis@zeld.cn Thank you, buddy!
  2. Hi Jack, Thanks for ur nice works. I had ur TweenMax already in use. I like it And I had a requirement which needs ur TransformManager. looks like it's necessary to buy ur code at $299. So I got several questions for avoiding my repent,haha, So: 1. Does it support level switch? 2. Can I give a size the every target before they get init by ur class, other words, I save the size and position for every target, is it possible to re-product them based on the last time change? 3. How long can I get ur code after payment? Thank you, plz write back asap, I'm really in hurry. plz drop some lines to i[at]iLouYou.com Travis