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  1. Hello, thank you for the survey. I have been working on banners for a long time (flash and now js). I still work on specific handcrafted banners for high-end fashion brands. Is Figma similar too Adobe XD? What is Centro? are you talking about https://www.centro.net/?
  2. Oops! thank you, OSUblake...i guess i need a new pair of glasses...
  3. Hello, This question is for a banner ad. Is it possible to stop completely the ticker after an animation is done playing in order to save CPU usage? Is there a gsap.ticker.remove(myFunction) ? Should I use: gsap.ticker.fps(0) ? ... or there is another way to do that? Thank you, fred
  4. Hey Zach, Thanks for your response. It works perfectly. I have also found a solution using a "reversed" timeline... kinda weird but it works: Random to Initial position (reversed)
  5. Hello, I would like to set elements from an array to random x and y, move them to a new random x and y position and finally have them go back to their recorded first x and y position. The following doesn't work because there is a jump between the last two tweens: var myArray = [{x:10,y:10},{x:10,y:55},{x:10,y:100}]; var tl = gsap.timeline() tl.set(myArray,{x:"random(20,280)", y:"random(20,230)"}) tl.to(myArray,{x:"random(20,280)", y:"random(20,230)", duration:5}) tl.from(myArray,{x:"random(20,280)", y:"random(20,230)", duration:3}) How can I do that? Is there a better approach? Thank you, fred
  6. Hello, not in Animate but vanilla javascript: https://codepen.io/fr3d3ric/pen/wvKaXxW Cheers
  7. Hi Harry. Banner-ads with Greensock... that's what i (try) to do for a living. Take a look at my portfolio. Cheers. Fred
  8. Off topic but you have a typo in the french banner... DÉPARD DES SOLDES > DÉPART DES SOLDES (with a T) Bonne Année / Happy New Year Fred
  9. Hello, Thank you so much for your help guys! I have updated the codepen and it is working now. fred
  10. Hello, I am trying to morph 2 simple SVG paths in the canvas renderer... They have stroke no fill... Is it possible or am I doing something wrong? Thanks a lot for your help, Fred
  11. Hi, One way to do that is to use canvas... https://jakearchibald.com/scratch/alphavid/ fred
  12. In DoubleClick, you can use the Enabler’s isVisible method: https://support.google.com/richmedia/answer/2672554?hl=en-GB
  13. Hello, I am playing with the Function-based values and I don't understand the following: If scale is before x, everything works fine, the boxes are scaled proportionally: TweenLite.to(".box", 1, { scale: function() { return Math.random(); }, x: function() { return Math.random() * 300; } }); But if x is first, the boxes are not scaled correctly: TweenLite.to(".box", 1, { x: function() { return Math.random() * 300; }, scale: function() { return Math.random(); } }); Thanks, fred
  14. I don't think that the Enabler.js has that feature... correct me if I am wrong. FLITE has a "in view" event and Celtra has a way to detect the position of the iframe in the page... so you will need to write your own script Fred