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  1. Yup it is, just very elaborate and over engineered Wrote a new one based on what Diaco shared, shared below, only needs TweenMax now, as it should. (or TweenLite if you use that, then just replace TweenMax with TweenLite in the below) var lerpGSAP = (function(lowestValueObj, highestValueObj, position, easingFunc) { var returnObj = lowestValueObj; highestValueObj.ease = easingFunc; TweenMax.to(returnObj,1,highestValueObj).progress(position).kill(); delete returnObj._gsTweenID; return returnObj; }); // Usage is still the same as the previously posted getInBetweenValueGSAP
  2. Edit: oh hey, great, thanks both! will look at your functions to downsize mine Edit2: Posted a much nicer function (based on the example Diaco provided) in a post below this one! if your just here to copy-paste, get that one instead. --- Ended up putting together the below, its not the best solution, but it will do for now. That said, id still be very eager to get an answer to my initial post, get the hunch that the below is just a little too hacky and creating needless overhead. You will need jQuery and TimelineLite to be able to use the below function: Stuffed it with comment
  3. Hey all, Long time Greensock user (since as2, love you guys! edit: lol, according to my profile since 1901) but this time i need a little help. Im basically looking for a internal Greensock function (or one that's external and does what i need) but i cant find it in code or docs. Let me hash out a bit, im working on a little framework for a '1Pager' site (you know, those silly sites that let you just scroll for more stuff as the entire thing animates all over the place) and im in need of a function that can take two css styles, a start and end, and then pick a point between them.