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  1. Yes it look really better (for me at least). The last point is that in comparaison with scroolsmoother the Ytranslation continue updating outside the view. i don't really know if it has a big performance influence. I've try replacing the 'end' value to avoid it. end: "max" => "+=${window.innerHeight * 1}", It do the job, but finaly Y calculation is not good.
  2. Thanks @Cassie, in state this solution solve my problem. and thanks @Carl taking time for explanations and support @GreenSock great to update, i spend some time finding the reason. i think adding a tiny parameter in smoothscrooler could be great, cause the @Cassie solution is actually a bit tricky and approximative. Thanks Superheroes ! Great Job
  3. Hello, Thank for scrollsmoother implementation, it's really cool. I notice the position of the animated divs with scrollsmoother (data-speed) are not positioned to 0. So i can't align divs with different height in the viewport when the page is not scrolled. It's not really problematic after scrolling. But i need to design precisely my headings and visual in top of the page. I've done a pen to be more precise (i hope i am) https://codepen.io/Hioudje/pen/ZEoogJb So in this exemple i think all box should be top aligned cause we don't have scroll yet. the Yposition also change depending to the window height. Thanks,