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  1. Hello, I've tried to make a tween with bezier on left, top and scale properties and it seems that the scale propertie prevent the tween from working TweenMax.to('#square', 2, {bezier:{values:[{left:'100px', top:'200px', scale:2}, {left:'200px', top:'100px', scale:1}]}}); I've put 2 version of the tween, working without the scale and not working with the scale. Is there a plugin missing or something of the kind ? Thanks
  2. I tested window.dragTo on the codepen, but it does not work anymore, the content is simply not scrolled. I've played a bit with Draggable and found out how to solve my problem : in onPress : startPointerY = self.pointerY = e.pageY - window.scrollY; in onMove setPointerPosition(e.pageX, e.pageY - window.scrollY); This way, even if window.scrollY is modified during drag, it keeps the correct start pointer.
  3. Hi Jimeast, Thanks for your answer. Do you mean replace window.scrollTo by window.dragTo ? I don't see this dragTo function
  4. Hello, I'm currently working on a project in which I'm using Draggable. In my page, I have some classic content (colored pattern) and a fixed div in front of everything, in which I have my draggable (hexagons). When you're interacting with the draggable, I want the content of the page (colored patten) to be moved accordingely, so I update window.scroll on each tick with a ratio calculated from draggable.y. It works perfectely when you use the scroll button, the track pad or the scrollbar. But when you drag the draggable itself, or touch for instance, it goes crazy and draggable.y takes the min or max value randomely. Here is the codepen demonstrating the issue : http://codepen.io/lab9/pen/JXpKjx Let me know if the problem is clearly enough explained. And any help is more than welcome, I might be messing with Draggable internals here. Thanks and have a good evening Bertrand