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  1. I should have started with the "are you a bonehead?" article! Thank you so much. This is entirely what I was after!
  2. Hello, all. I am working on a site where there are various elements that I want to have a repeatable behavior on their entering of the viewport. For example, each section has text that needs to turn red once it is visible in the viewport as you scroll. I have used the basic example from the docs and it works as expected with the triggering event causing the text to change. The issue is that the trigger seems to then affect EVERY instance. So instead of scrolling and seeing the text change, after the first triggering, all of ".go-red" elements have completed their tween. gsap.to(".go-red", 1.5, { scrollTrigger: ".go-red", color: "red" }); I am sure there is a simple way to do this that doesn't involve id based triggering but it is stumping me. Any help is appreciated.