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  1. thanks dave yes i think is a valid idea that's what i wrote this afternoon (i live in italy, different time) while... waiting i didn't think to declare a new Object but suppose is the same var clips_array = manager.targetObjects; var newArray:Array = new Array () for (var i : int = 0; i < clips_array.length; i++) { newArray.push({depth:container.getChildIndex(clips_array[i]), item:clips_array[i]}); } newArray.sortOn("depth"); var mc:MovieClip; for (var j = 0; j < clips_array.length; j++) { mc = newArray[j].item; // ... etc etc } what i don't like is the twice for, but didn't find a better way, i need to save the position of the objects and reload with corretc info, anyway, thanks again, really appreciate your help
  2. hallo, sorry to reopen this post, but i've tried to write a function like you said, i mean to sort an array based on depth's object by i don't have success. could you please post an example or give a hint? thanks a lot.