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  1. Following up on my last post, I have found I can get this to work with gsap if you manually update the vendor prefix property in an onUpdate function. With GSAP, using onUpdate to set the -webkit-clip-path working on iOS: https://codepen.io/adamcoulombe/pen/bGNPxzE So the question is; is gsap's clipPath property supposed to support iOS?
  2. Re-hashing this old thread. gsap in fact does not appear to correctly animate clip-path on ios You can see this, for comparison, from the following codepen examples: This version is done using CSS and the -webkit prefixes. I works correctly on iOS https://codepen.io/adamcoulombe/pen/oNgrMMW This version is done using CSS, without -webkit prefixes. It does not work correctly on iOS https://codepen.io/adamcoulombe/pen/BaygPev This version uses GSAP 3 to animate the clipPath. It does not work correctly on iOS https://codepen.io/adamcoulombe/pen/oNgrMMW