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  1. Hi there, in the codepen url (https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/XWMPLQg), the animation is what I was looking for but would like to change how animation is being triggered. For instance, on scrolling down of mouse the currently the second image is being revealed slowly and on scrolling upwards the it gets back to its initial first image slowly. So, is there a way to reverse/change  what is happening on scroll downwards at the moment  to scroll upwards and vice versa. So, the animation would remain same but the direction of scrolling of the mouse would change (would like to have what is happening currently on scroll down of mouse to happen on scroll up and what is happening on scroll up of the mouse to happen on scroll down of mouse).

    1. GreenSock


      Hi @Sam124. If you have a GSAP-specific question, please post it in the forums as a regular post (new topic) rather than in a status update on your profile. 

    2. Sam124


      Hi @GreenSock , Thank you for your help.