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  1. Thanks for your feedback, I'll see what I can do with Animate. In several ways, I preferred Edge to Animate/Flash since it has a more After Effects style interface. But I can get back into Flash again. I'll dig a little deeper and see what we can put together.
  2. While I appreciate the sentiment, and I am no fan of GWD, I work in an agency with several other animators and to ease production and ensure some kind of consistency between people, many of whom are not comfortable with code but are very proficient with Flash/Edge; we need to use a GUI system and with Google/DoubleClick dropping support for Edge and offering little to no support for Animate, GWD is where it is at. We do rich media and standard work. While the standard stuff is fine in Edge/Animate, rich media is not supported in any way so any questions I have for them go unanswered or I am told to use a different tool by DC Support. Also, Edge does a poor job of animating SVG for scaling, which is where GWD is more accessible and easier to use since you can directly edit code, when needed. If anyone could please address the question I asked... I wanted to start here first but I'll go check out what's happening on the GWD forums as well.
  3. With the demise of Adobe Edge, it looks like I am going to focus on using Google Web Designer as a central GUI animation tool. Having coded using GS in Flash for some time, I am glad that GSAP is easy to bring into GWD, especially since it is hosted on their CDN. I personally preferred Edge but never used GS in it, as I was able to make what I needed most of the time without it. My question is about how I could trigger GS functions/effects using events on GWD timeline. I've tried creating events and calling functions that have TweenLite calls in them, I've tried calling TweenLite directly in the event function and neither one works. If anyone has some guidance on this, it would be very welcome. Here's an example of the code generated for a timeline event that is currently not firing the tween at 2.1 seconds <script type="text/javascript" gwd-events="handlers"> window.gwd = window.gwd || {}; gwd.scaleCTA = function(event) { TweenMax.to(redCTA, 0.5, { scale: 1, ease: Back.easeOut.config(4) }); }; </script> I've tried also replacing this with the function call that currently works on rollover to bump the CTA up. Files are attached. Greensock GWD SVG Test.zip