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  1. Hi ! I'm trying to animate scroll position of an element using ScrollToPlugin. It looks like it doesn't work with Vue, and i wonder why. I've been following docs and tutorials, but it's failing for some reason. PS : example includes a non-supported target, but even if using numeric value, same problem occurs. I just wanted to ask for support of this fashion at the same time :) Thanks a lot !
  2. Hi, I'm fairly good user of the lib, which i find awesome. thanks I'm having this case right now where i tween a plain numeric value, which i round with the roundProps plugin, and to which i react whenever there's an update with the onUpdate() hook. As the tween runs, the onUpdate() function is fired for every single step on the way, ignoring the fact that the value is rounded in post treatment by the plugin, firing unnecessary onUpdates on the way. Is there a way to prevent that ? Quite simple example : let wrapper = { index: 0, length : 0 }; TweenMax.
  3. That fashion does work with 1.19.0, that said it does work because CSSPlugin and TweenLite are included by default ; try to use other plugins and you're done. On a wider picture, I think you should consider moving the entrypoint away from src/uncompressed/TweenMax to something different, like src/uncompressed/index.js (?) so you can deal with the imports properly. It's actually *not possible at all* to include an optional plugin without having to tweak the build configuration or messing with the paths, which seems not that good. I honestly forked the repo on github, and started to try