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  1. Perhaps I can give a unique id to the instance and target the class .pin-spacer-uid
  2. The above would apply to all pin spacer elements. I'm looking to apply to this one instance.
  3. demo See how the last div, the footer isn't clickable.
  4. I have a use case where my container has pointer events prop, so clicks can go through from parent to an ancestor div. Currently, this prop doesnt get copied over to the pinned node. I think It would be harmful to add this property to _propNamesToCopyThoughts?
  5. I'm using the new api on unmount right after I kill the scroll trigger ScrollTrigger.clearScrollMemory() and it seems to work.
  6. If the unmount happens after route has completed then it doesn't really matter if you're using useLayoutEffect or not. See the log below. Unmount triggers after the route has completed which means the initial page has already rendered. I still think the rollback on refresh should respect browser's scrollRestoration property before calling scrollTo method.
  7. Perhaps the rollback should respect browser's history scrollRestoration property before calling scrollTo?
  8. I do kill ScrollTrigger on an individual level rather than all on route change. The return function gets called when component unmounts. React.useEffect(() => { if (ref.current == null) return; const st = ScrollTrigger.create({ trigger: ref.current, pin: true, start: 'top top', pinSpacing: false, }); ScrollTrigger.refresh(true); return () => st.kill(); }, [pageStyle]);
  9. I've disabled all scroll controls Nextjs ships with so i'm pretty convinced that it's not the framework. I tried fiddling with ScrollTrigger's source code and adding an early return here, which does not retain the scroll position on route changes. This fixes the issue I'm having on route changes however I can't understand where and why it's being called during runtime. Why is it calling scrollTo? The value arg seems to be the y position of the previous route in my case. Is there a source with comments to understand this better? sc: function sc(value) { if (arguments.length) return; return arguments.length ? _win.scrollTo(_horizontal.sc(), value) : _win.pageYOffset || _doc[_scrollTop] || _docEl[_scrollTop] || _body[_scrollTop] || 0; }
  10. I have awkward behavior in nextjs on route changes. When the route changes successfully, I explicitly call `window.scrollTo(0,0)` to reset the scroll position of the browser. However, on a new page route I'm creating a scroll trigger and also refreshing it which yields into a negative side effect of retaining the previous route's scroll position. does ScrollTrigger.refresh(true) retain the scroll position internally? Thanks.
  11. I was thinking to get percentage of each panel like this and act based on the percentage if that's what you mean by your second point above? onUpdate: function() { const p = this.progress() * 100; }
  12. well, the onComplete or onStart only fires when the panel touches the edge of the viewport. I need more granular control and ideally would like to fire events relative to fixed item's position. Is this possible with the event callbacks you mentioned above? i.e, if the fixed item is placed 20px below the viewport's top my onComplete should fire when the panel's end is around 80-90% Here's a minimal demo that changes rand color but it's edge to edge: https://codepen.io/nullhoooook/pen/OJRRRpo?editors=0010
  13. @ZachSaucier Can onStart or onComplete give me yPercent values as it's moving real-time? Ideally, i'd like to be precise when changing fix items' color as it may have spacing relative to the viewport. Another approach I thought of was to use `onUpdate`
  14. I have a bunch of panels which are absolutely positioned. I'm trying to detect onLeave or onActive flag on these panels so I can change the color of an external element that is position fixed. For ex, menu.. How would this work on divs that aren't positioned normally? I have created a minimal demo where I'm iterating through the panels to create triggers and the markers are laid out inaccurately. Basically I'm trying to change the color of the fix div when the panel leaves/enters the viewport.
  15. xoxoxoxo

    Infinite roller

    I still get the same result as before: https://codepen.io/nullhoooook/pen/abmOrXZ?editors=1010