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  1. Thank you for the files It looks like it worked, But now it is placing the text in the wrong place on the screen. //--- move the selection to the middle of the screen to rotate it ----- myManager.moveSelection((myManager.width / 2),(myManager.height / 2)); // --rotate selection -- myManager.rotateSelection(RotateRadians); //--- move item back to 0,0 to move it to the correct location of x100,y100) --- myManager.moveSelection(-(myManager.width / 2),-(myManager.height / 2)); //--- move item to final point of x100,y100) --- myManager.moveSelection(xmMainlist.@x,xmMainlist.@y); trying to moe it to x=100, y=100 it ends up at x="113.7" y="100.85000000000001" or --- if I just move it to 100,100 and rotate it ( this was working before the update - just causing errors. ) ---- x="213.70000000000002" y="153.85000000000002" Placing SWF files seem to work fine with the following: (would be great to get them exact but can live with it) (placed at x="248.8" y="298.35" it will report being placed at x="248.9" y="298.45" a .1 difference) myManager.selectItem(e.currentTarget,false); var iRotation:Number = xmMainlist.@rotation; var RotateRadians:Number = iRotation * Math.PI / 180; myManager.scaleSelection(xmMainlist.@scaleX,xmMainlist.@scaleY); myManager.moveSelection(xmMainlist.@x,xmMainlist.@y); myManager.rotateSelection(RotateRadians); myManager.deselectAll(); Thanks, Ted
  2. Did not receive any emails since buying the software or singing on to the form. I got one message from info@greenstock. Please send Link again to one of my Addresses: Yahoo.com or intradenver.com. Thanks, Ted
  3. 1. I am using the following Versions I got from your site a few weeks ago. VERSION: 1.65 --DATE: 3/27/2009 -- TransformManger.as VERSION: 1.61 --DATE: 3/25/2009 -- FlexTransformManager.as VERSION: 1.6 -- DATE: 3/12/2009 -- TransformManager.as 2. Doing a Trace on MyNewSWF.parent: After calling Application.application.addChild(MyNewSWF); I get the following: MyNewSWF.parent -TransformManagerTest1 (TransformManagerTest is the name of the Flex Application I am testing.)
  4. I am having trouble rotating a TextInput type in Flex using the FlexTransformManager. I get the following, when trying to rotate an item in code: the _target.parent - is null! ------ CODE -------------------------- var MyNewSWF:TextInput = new TextInput(); MyNewSWF.id = IdName; MyNewSWF.text = sText; Application.application.addChild(MyNewSWF); MyNewSWF.validateNow(); //--- add item to transform Manager ---- myManager.addItem(MyNewSWF, "SCALE_WIDTH_AND_HEIGHT",true); //--- select the item ---- myManager.selectItem(MyNewSWF,true); //--- move selection works!!! ------- myManager.moveSelection(xLoc,yLoc); //--- THIS GIVES THE ABOVE ERROR ------ myManager.rotateSelection(RotateRadians); myManager.deselectAll(); ----------------------------------------------- Is there another way to rotate an item? A work around? Thanks, Ted