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  1. Scott


    Awesome work, Jack! This is the single best example of shape tweening I've seen, regardless of platform or application (looking at you, flash). I bet you'll get a lot of new memberships because of this feature alone.
  2. I'm now at a point where I'm looking to set up our own 3rd party ad server so that we can handle all of the hosting / tracking ourselves. I've reached out to DoubleClick, Atlas, Sizmek, and Adform, expressing my interest in opening an account and have yet to hear back from any of them. The signup process for all of them involves filling out forms and hoping to hear back. It's strangely archaic and exclusive. Are most of you using DCM or is there another company you would recommend? I need to get banners hosted and tracking in the next 72 hours.
  3. I was in the same situation, unsure whether to utilize tools like Edge / GWD and risk being stuck in their eco-system, or take the plunge and just hand code everything to have full control. Long story short, I'm now wrapping up my second set of hand coded HTML5 banners, and I'm really happy I took on the challenge of dealing with the HTML / CSS / cross browser issues. It's comforting and confidence inspiring to be completely in control and I'd highly recommend taking on that small challenge up front as it will continue to pay off down the road. So how did I start? Watch a tutorial Fir
  4. That's exactly what I'm doing now, Dipscom. I went through the steps of signing up for DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), which first requires you to sign up for AdSense, and once I got through all of that I came to realize that DFP doesn't support HTML5 banners that consist of multiple files. Apparently I need DCM for that... doh! So now I'm waiting on a response to my request for access to DCM. If for some reason I can't get access to DCM, my last resort will be following this guys direction and hosting the banner on a CDN, which I point DFP to, and then provide the DFP URL to the vendor.
  5. Thanks, that's reassuring to know. Yes, I've used the following meta tag: <meta name="ad.size" content="width=300,height=250">
  6. Thanks for the feedback. Yes, you're right, I have a large image of a face that I'm panning across slowly. In order to achieve the effect, the image must be larger than the dimensions of the banner, I don't see how this animation would be possible otherwise. Unfortunately, the vendor doesn't seem very motivated to troubleshoot. Their answer is "I cannot upload the creative into a DCM placement because of the size."
  7. So I've just wrapped up development of my first banner, and I'm now working with a vendor that is trying to upload it to DCM. Unfortunately, they're saying they can't use the banner because the reported dimensions are 394x255 instead of 300x250. Setup: I have an image within the banner that's sized 394x255, but this image, along with all of the other elements of the banner are wrapped in a div that's sized 300x250 with overflow:hidden. So from my understanding, the size of the child elements should not be considered because they are clipped by the parent elements bounds. I've also used in
  8. Great timing, I can see this forum becoming the 'go-to' source for banner development in the coming months and years. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the additional input, somnamblst. That will likely be helpful for me when I meet to talk with this vendor.
  10. Joe, thank you so much for taking the time to put together this great write up.Your first guess was absolutely right. After researching the various ad serving platforms available, I was ready to go with DoubleClick to serve the HTML banners if required. The funny thing is, after a few more emails with this media agency, they revealed that they use DoubleClick. So they really have grossly misunderstood google's new guidelines and the capabilities of their platform if they think it doesn't support HTML banners. Their new recommendation, in case I couldn't acquire third party hosting, was
  11. A little off topic from GSAP specifically, but I'm reaching out to my fellow banner developers to see what your experience is— With this sudden rush to convert flash banners to HTML5, we've also been told by some of our vendors that these HTML5 banners need to be served by '3rd party ad servers'. In the past, I've always created swf's with a 'clickTag' and sent that over to the vendor. The hosting of the banners and tracking of impressions was always handled by the vendors. It seems that by requiring a '3rd party ad server' that they now want us to handle this portion as well? Is this