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  1. haha its no problem, was just wondering is all, thanks for your reply Dan
  2. sorry i feel i may have put this in the wrong section. basically you can use tweenLite to: TweenLite.to(mc, 1, {alpha:0}); followed by TweenLite.to(mc, 1, {alpha:1, overwrite:false}); in order to fade in and then out of alpha, i was just wondering whether there was a set "autoAlpha" which faded to a set amount i.e. 0, 0.2, etc and then back to 1 automatically. sorry for the confusion Dan
  3. I am bringing in some text using XML and when i click a button i want the container to fade out and then fade back in automatically, was wondering whether there was a transform function for this or whether it would just be two lines of code? thanks Dan