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  1. @davi Thank you so much for the info! Super helpful!!
  2. I decided to finally crack open Adobe Animate in 2019, I've been dragging my feet - and doing just fine with hand coding banners with the GreenSock timeline, but I wanted to see if Animate had any benefits for my banner development. I was excited to have found Cory's step by step guide for banner builders - but I was quickly banging my head against the wall when they failed to compile with the latest version of Adobe Animate 19. It's comforting to hear that I'm not the only one who gave up on these seemingly helpful starter templates. @davi it's interesting, you say you don't even
  3. @Carl Hi Carl, Did you ever get a good working example of GWD files working with GS? I've been holding off on using the platform, waiting for all the kinks and bugs to calm down... Right now I'm leaning more towards Adobe Animate to start incorporating more timeline character animations, but I would be interested to find out what the GWD + GreenSock setup looks like. I've been using GreenSock since the Flash days for banner and digital magazine builds. Most of my banners are for the entertainment industry and involve a video player for a movie trai
  4. @ryanrabon Wow, I'm so impressed by your banner animations! http://rabondigital.com/ I especially love the History Channel and the Cremo examples on your site. I'd love to hear more about your workflow for creating your sprite sheets, for the Cremo birds, for example. Do you export out of AE or Adobe Animate? Thanks! ~K
  5. We got it working!!! You were right, the wrong files were in the wrong folder
  6. ""Are you absolutely POSITIVE that the actual class files are AS3? It definitely sounds like you've got AS2 classes instead of the AS3 ones. Try deleting your ASO files too. Check to see if your classpath points to an AS2 directory as well. "" I will check again. We set the classpath to the AS3 directory only. Everybody is out to lunch..... I'll check when they get back
  7. hmmm, same error. I'll have to try building the file on a 3rd computer, when I get a chance, to make sure it's a set-up issue with that particular mac..... I'll keep you posted.
  8. I'm going to have them rebuild the files from scratch, and see if we get the same issue.
  9. clues: I also made sure that they have the AS3 output in their publish settings, AND made sure the class path was correct. They are running CS4, I'm running running CS4 10.0.2
  10. Error: 5007 An ActionScript file must have at least one externally visible definition. I am trying to convince the new development team I am working with to start using Green Sock as they transition into AS3. They downloaded the GS library last week and I made sure they were setting up their Publish Settings correctly to point to the correct GS folder. We are using TweenMax only, not TweenLite. The problem is: When I pass them one of my working .fla files, they can run it on their computer until they re-save the file. Then it gives them this error: "TweenLite.as,Line 1 5007:
  11. Green sock makes tweening sooo nice It has better garbage pick up than the Adobe Tweens. Here's a link to my - old - portfolio site: http://www.hurlingdesign.com Our new site is under way. Always a work in progress