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  1. Hej Jack, yeah, i tried doing something in onDrag, and it seems to somewhat work. Still have to iron out some kinks... or maybe i can convince the designer to change the layout a bit Thanks Nadja
  2. Hi there, i need to constrain an element to a convex polygonal object. I made a test with an svg set for the Draggable's bounds, however i had the impression Draggable just used the svg's BoundingBox. Is that so? Any ideas or hints as to how to accomplish this task? Thanks a lot Nadja
  3. Hi Diaco.AW thanks for the reply. I guess i'll have to put smaller empty elements above my actual elements to make this feel "right". Cheers Nadja
  4. Hi, I'm working on a project where i have some elements that are transformed (rotated) in 3d space. Now when I perform a hittest with an element that's not transformed it seems the hittest calculates the "Hitting" based on the non-rotated elements. This has the effect that while i'm visually not hitting, hittest still returns true. Is there a way around this? cheers nadja
  5. Thanks a lot! Works like a charm. Cheers Nadja
  6. Hi Carl, thanks for your help. while i animated the left property in the codepen, the same thing (no effect on scroll position) happens when I animate x by the way. I already tried the scrollTo plugin and it works but there is no yoyo property. i guess i'd have to implement that myself with scrollTo. cheers Nadja
  7. Hello, i just started using GreenSock and from the examples I'm very impressed Now i try to implement a prototype and have run into a problem. I have a div consisting of several divs laid out horizontally. This div is wider than the screen and i want it to move from left to right and back again. This i got to work. If the user starts scrolling manually, the animation should stop (works too) and the user should be able to scroll the div normally. Here is where i ran into a problem. Let's say the div scrolls to the left, then everything that goes offscreen is lost to the manual scroll and can't be reached. I'm not sure how to explain it, please see the attached codepen.io I'd be grateful for any advice. Kind Regards Nadja