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  1. Dude.. scrollLeft is the answer! Thank you!
  2. Hello... how can get this overflow-x to scroll with a nice flick ? and be bound to the overflowed container ? Could flexbox be part of the problem ? I've forked one of Diaco's pens from another post. Thank you for the help!
  3. HaunGo

    swipe & flick ?

    I thought there was a GSAP plugin for swiping and flicking ? good for mobile . Am I thinking of the Draggable plugin ? I just need to swipe/drag/and flick while that motion also controls a separate TimelineMax. Any thoughts or suggestions ? Also, I'm looking to do a bit of scroll hijacking.. so, if theres GSAP related solutions for that, I'd love to know! Thanks !
  4. WOW.. who would need Smoke & Mirrors when you have a solid understanding of MATH & SCIENCE ?! Niiiiiice.
  5. Instead of actually animating the line into a wave.. .. .. Have you considered using masking, and moving a static wavey line being masked? smoke & mirrors
  6. Hello.. GreenSocked friends.. I just wanted to share this PEN CSS Mask / SVG Shape / GSAP / morphSVG http://codepen.io/HaunGO/full/ONYwBP/ Enoy
  7. HaunGo

    Image Clipping

    This is great dude! Thanks for posting this.. .. .. .. It tried to build this sort of thing over the weekend, but didn't follow through and finish it. Nice work!
  8. Does anyone know of a good example of a ScrollSpy-ish being used with ScrollMagic and GSAP ? I've been working on a little something, but it's giving me some trouble. It works, but some numbers are hard coded.. and I really think there's a better way. I'm also working on a codepen of the very basics of it.. . but in the meantime, has anyone already created this sort of thing? Thanks,
  9. Hey thanks for the simple, temporary, fix! I can definitely live with the 1 degree rotational difference.. I implemented it into my full project, and it DOES work. Great!
  10. Hello.. I searched the forums for this, but didn't find anything.. .. I suspect is a known issue though. I'm working with SVG, trying to rotate (among other things) and it's not holding the rotation.. It DOES tween/animate, but it snaps back to the original position when not animating. I think it's related to the DrawSVG plugin. Here's a codepen: (be sure to compare Chrome/Firefox/Safari) http://codepen.io/HaunGO/pen/BNWQmq?editors=101 Thanks in advance,
  11. This extension does not work with the latest version of Illustrator CC.
  12. Thanks.. So, what do you think about this unofficial beta plugin? I found it through the post you shared. https://github.com/cjgammon/GreenSock-JS/blob/master/src/uncompressed/plugins/SnapPlugin.js or dive into SnapSVG? (never used it before) or use smoke and mirrors to fake the transition?
  13. OK.. so If we need to animate a very simple shape, a vesica pisces, into simple circle.. .. Can GSAP handle that, or must we use something like SnapSVG.js? Specifically, I need to animate this shape into a perfect circle. (a solid shape with a fill, no stroke.) (They both have the same number of points.) Maybe a shape morphing plugin is in the works? MorphSVG? Thanks !
  14. This works great Diaco THANKS ! Now, I'll figure out WHY it works.
  15. Hello.. I'm having trouble finding a very basic swipe example.. .. I don't need to drag anything around.. .. I just need to listen to a swipe up or down and call the appropriate function. I've got a little something now based off of some examples, but again.. .. i end up dragging the stage round when I just want to listen for a swipe direction. Any suggestions? Here is my simple code: var DD = Draggable.create($("#stage"), { type:'y', lockAxis:true, onRelease:function() { var dir = this.getDirection("start"); console.log('swipe! onDragStart() ' + dir) if (dir === "up"){ next(); }else if(dir === "down"){ prev(); } } }); ALSO, I tried attaching it to the body, but the only direction that would log was "right". Thanks,