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  1. 1. Client contacts me 2. I create for him app, or mobile app or etc with GSAP 3. He pay for me once 4. If he want to sell to marketplace, he should buy license from GSAP as it's not anymore my work There requires license for ME for GSAP?
  2. 1. Can i allowed to use own plug-in for ONE-TIME programm selling without buying GSAP license? 2. Can i use GSAP TweenMax for ONE-TIME programm selling without buying license?
  3. Hi @GreenSock I think about something, but without affecting to your bussiness model, can i do that? I explain this below: Let's say, i creating web-sites, mobile apps, own personal websites with one-off sold, as i know one-off sold doesn't require GSAP license. If i'm create plug-ins (GitHub repo, No-License, without license no-one allowed to use app) for GSAP for myself like morphSVG, drawSVG (i sure your plug-ins great, but my budget not good to be member of Club, thanks to GSAP anyway), i not required to buy license? I can use GSAP for free, usually i'm us
  4. Maybe bodymovin helps you? It can export from After Effects to HTML5 SVG, Canvas or Hybrid. Here link: https://github.com/bodymovin/bodymovin I hope this helps
  5. I am interesting of how this issue slowing down your site? Is this really slow down responsiveness of page? I using GSAP and i knew about Chrome DevTools just few month ago and it helped me a lot, but i again remember, REAL performance is differs from TESTS and Memory usage. If you deeply care about performance, i recommend you "chrome://tracing/" as some peoples told how it helped him. If you have issues about keeping element that removed, i recommend to use some below code. EDIT: Micro-optimization doesn't let you what you want. So you should not care about micro-optimization var t
  6. Do any animation. About optimization cares GSAP. I always do that way and no issues since 2011.
  7. I think rendering two divs will be smoother than three div. if you put 2 div inside one div. browser anyway renders 3div. I am just fan not a developer. Test yourself for understand how to improve code.
  8. Hi. I not advanced developer nor developer. I am just fan of JS. I know and use GSAP since 2011 and always GSAP keeps boss place of animation engine and there not only Jack. There much of developers worked to be GSAP best of engines of animation. As i know heap memory, Garbage collection cannot be managed. No one browser guarantes you best performance even if you did garbaged all of objects and etc. There my mind as fan. 1. Real performance differs from tests. 2. Make 100arrays inside loop and make 1arrays outside loop. This sounds like second test should be 100times faster. You ge
  9. You are very nice and best guys. Thanks. I love gsap not only for best performance, for best help forum.
  10. Hi. I'm in last time seen some amazing wave SVG with some sine named function, i am interested. But i haven't Club access. https://bannerwave.com/ In header as you see this too made with GSAP, so i interested and will be thankful if someone create simple, cleaner codepen demo (please without GSAP premium plug-ins). Second some wave sine amazing demo in GSAP morphSVG demo plug-in but not sure how to you're did it and how to use. Thanks.
  11. I glad you liked it. @PointC I know benefits of Club member, i am too one of fan of Club member (without money ). One of best benefits of Club member is: 1. morphSVG 2. drawSVG 3. physics2D/physicsProps 4. Draggable ThrowProps I too making some app and want to sell with bit higher price than GSAP. Now i looking for payment provider with secure form like. 1. Users buy 2. After success returns page with userID 3. Gets custom file. After my bussiness goes well, i'm too buy club member. Envato, ShapeBootstrap, etc... not worked for me as i don't know about design. Thanks
  12. Hi everyone, do you want feel magic of GSAP's morphSVG? Or if you think about buy membership, but not sure, i sure, after see it you buy it in anyway. http://codepen.io/dalisoft/full/yVmLVO/ If you like it, please Like it. Thanks to @GreenSock for amazing library and all of helpers for fast reply
  13. I like your keeping code light and more useful, thanks for reply. I try to make it's, so i need powerful animation engine. You're best coder of javascript/AS. Thanks again.
  14. Cycle is for per-element only for property such as "x, y, morphSVG, etc" as i know about GSAP.
  15. Hi! I'm today trying to get something, but i'm failed. I did own javascript animation platform, that can do part of thing of GSAP! But i need "In-Sync" tweening, basic users don't need that, but for sliders, tab-changed, Timeline GSAP script is best working. Missing some feature i need. TweenMax.to('#element', 1, { width : 200, height : 200, x : 100, ease : { width : 'QuadInOut', height : 'ExpoInOut' }}); // these syntax is for example, maybe have wrong syntax, sorry I can create this plug-in (pls let me read useful docs for creating plugin) and have already? It's reduces memory, CPU and