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  1. Monops

    SplitText and fonts

    Ok, I think I won over the machine with webfont loader using the custom tag: WebFont.load({ custom: { families: ['TypeWriter'], urls: ['../GenericInclude/css/dpLib.css'] }, That preloads the font like a boss
  2. Monops

    SplitText and fonts

    Thanks! I tried your fix and works, but it's a little arbitrary I cannot use the google font library as it works for the web fonts, while in my case I only deal with local fonts. $(window).on("load", handler) does not work as well. do you have a better solution?
  3. Monops

    SplitText and fonts

    Hello! No, it's not that: I've done a full example for you, showing the problem. Just check the "SmallTest.html" file, the rest is just includes It gives me this outcome on chrome: For my work, I only need this to work on chrome.
  4. Monops

    SplitText and fonts

    I just reproduced the use case I have in my code, where the div is filled in JQuery: try changing the font-size and you'll notice it will not fit
  5. Monops

    SplitText and fonts

    Nope, just change the font-size and see that the lines gets all wrong.
  6. Monops

    SplitText and fonts

    Actually, I think I just need to wait for the document to be loaded before the split. I update the code: can you check if that was the reason?
  7. Hello! I noticed that if I use SplitText on a div containing text, and that div has a class defining a font, than Splittext will fail in creating the lines array, making an array of lines that is pretty much wrong: the lines are always too long or too short, never correct. I've made a small example in codepen up there: can you tell me if I'm doing something wrong? Cheers! Alex
  8. Monops

    Download CSSPlugin

    Hello! If I want to download the CSSPlugin, do I need a subscription or it's just that I cannot find the link? Cheers! Alex