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  1. Wow, thank you for a quick reply, I create a codepen, (http://codepen.io/Klerith/pen/RrrYPZ) but I was not able to recreate the issue... can you try it on OSx? Because when I saw that error it was on OSx
  2. Hi there. I have an issue, when I scroll the page down, the animation stops, and when the scroll is over, the animation continue but with a huge jump of time... What can I do to fix this... Thank you.
  3. Super!, it works for me too! I am doing something like this var tl = new TimelineLite(); tl.to( $chevronIcon, 0.1, { rotation:90 } ) .to( $childs, 0, { height: 0 }, "-=0.1" ) .to( $childs, 0.3, { height: 35, onComplete: function(){ $childs.find("td").show() } }, "-=0.1" ) .to( $childs, 0.3, { opacity:1 } ); By adding function(){ ... } on the "onComplete", solve my issue "Uncaught TypeError: this.vars[r].apply is not a function" Thank you