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  1. Thanks @ZachSaucier ! I just wanted to double check before going down the wrong track. Makes sense regarding performance, something I had not* considered. Cheers! Chris
  2. Hi all, This is a minor question, so no urgency. Is there a way with the GSDevTools to alter tween values without refreshing? For example, in this demo GSAP CodePen if I wanted to see the impact of .grey completing at `x:300` instead of `x:700` I would need to alter the code, refresh, and (potentially) loose any other state such as the playhead position. Context: I need to construct an animation with lots of small finicky deltas. About a dozen separate parts with lots of minor movements (almost like skeletal animation). Alternatively, I'm thinkin
  3. Hi @GreenSock - I'm not the OP but this helped me track down an identical issue (production only issue with React). I'm going to jot down some notes in case others hit something similar. My setup: React + TypeScript + Webpack4 using ts-loader with default settings. gsap 3.0.5 Like most things Webpack its really difficult knowing what is going on under the hood, even after reading the documentation (https://webpack.js.org/guides/tree-shaking/) I can't confidently say if Webpack4 does tree shaking or not. By following the advice by Jack in my app's entry file,
  4. Chris7777

    React and GSAP

    @axe-z - not sure if you mean my example when you say "the previous example". It's a shame they are you driving you nuts, I simply put them up to try to help other people correctly set up React with Greensock. Regardless - I updated my codepen with a R16 version: It should be noted I did nothing but update the cdn links - no code changed for it to work with R16. You might be talking about different examples, in which case, it might help to outline what isn't working? Its worth noting you don't need react-transition-group to use greensock - in fact, I
  5. Chris7777

    React and GSAP

    @Cristiano very nice example. Just be mindful of doing anything in render. You are better off leveraging the lifecycle methods for components. If you get a tic, check out my previous posts, and in particular this codepen If you have a specific question, please ask, and I can do my best to answer.
  6. Chris7777

    React and GSAP

    I've yet to actually play with React Native, always leaning towards responsive sites instead. Was there a particular problem you were hitting? Btw - agree on the default transition / animation solutions for React. That's why I was so happy when I found it so simply to use React with Greensock - best of both worlds.
  7. Double post - but just read your excellent article "will-change" as well the corresponding chrome bug tracker. So disappointing - as you said, the agent sniffing thing, man, it feels like a huge step back. For all the hate Flash got, god I miss it and its consistency
  8. I definitely see blur when I don't round off my numbers - so for example, I will always do: TweenLite.to(foo, 1, { x: Math.round(e.target.x) }); And yeah, this has been happening for a while. It just seems with the most recent update, all the little work arounds and fixes no longer work, like: transform: translate3d(0, 0, 0) scale(1); font-smoothing: antialiased; backface-visibility: hidden; It's also the first time I have seen the blur on the gsap site. I have a feeling that Google really sees the web in a very specific way - believing that it should only be text a
  9. @PointC funny you mention Firefox - booted it up for the first time for proper-dev in yonks as the inspector in Chrome was just too slow. Firefox feels surprisingly fresh and quick.
  10. Yeah I totally knew it wouldn't be gsap-related. Chrome's been a pain recently - I've been working through clients who are getting the "Not secure" marker on v56 (any page that has a login/password field but no https/ssl cert gets flagged). I understand the "why" but, it feels like its shoved down our throats sometimes. I like the idea of a consistent message from users - I will report this to them.
  11. Just a heads up, the latest Chrome (and only the latest, v56) is causing some issues with finished animations appearing blurry. I've taken a screenshot of your CDN download modal, note the code section, everything appears to be a .5px off, causing a subtle but very obvious blur. I've noticed this around the web (for example on the Stripe.com feedback page, they had a fancy animation that resulted in a similar blur), but just wanted to make you guys aware of it.
  12. Chris7777

    React and GSAP

    Yeah fair question, for lifecycle, I would say the official docs are really good: https://facebook.github.io/react/docs/react-component.html For "key", the docs are less obvious, especially the deep down importance - I feel they explain that you must include it, but not really "why". This part of the docs is also good: https://facebook.github.io/react/docs/reconciliation.html#keys (the whole page is interesting, but keys in particular). Mark Erikson keeps an updated list of all the best tutorials related to React, there are a lot, but worth checking out some of the non-redux ones: h
  13. Chris7777

    React and GSAP

    @greensock / Jack - na no pro, just work in that space a lot. I'm also happy its not difficult to combine two of my fav libraries! Agree about the blogging - I have two project nearing launch - so possibly after those... Yeah, interesting regarding the wrapper - I'm just not sure it's needed at this stage. Happy for anyone to offer where a wrapper might be needed, and then I could look at putting something together. In the meantime, I think tutorials/samples probably serve to be more useful then extra middleman code (again happy for some to alter my point of view on that one - as mayb
  14. Create React App always allows the option to eject (https://github.com/facebookincubator/create-react-app#converting-to-a-custom-setup) and then you can customise the webpack config as much as desired. If you are hesitant to eject, you can simply modify public/index.html, this is used as the basis for the page. When you run npm start or npm build (for production) you will notice that the index.html (and any changes you make) are included in the builds (including adding refs to cdns)
  15. Chris7777

    React and GSAP

    I've been using greensock since the as3 days (and love it). Over the past year I've been using React full time. I want to echo what Steven has said. The react questions that seem to be popping up when linked to animation and/or gsap often appear to stem from a lack of understanding about how React works - especially regarding the virtual dom and the importance of the key attribute and lifecycle methods. Jack has asked for examples of gsap breaking react (in a few threads I believe) but no examples have really popped up. There is no doubt that the linked enhancer above can help smooth